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Best Cheap PC Deals

Are you looking for a new PC but do not want to pay the huge price tag of the big brands? Are you scared that a cheap PC is not necessarily a quality PC?

Not to worry, you’re at the right place. Check out our deals. There is a Budget PC to suit all needs, be it home, school, office work or photo editing. Even at these low prices we do not cut any corners. Every computer built at Arbico is built with high quality reliable components and under goes rigorous testing before dispatch.

You can get a cheap gaming PC for under £400 or a budget video editing PC for under £500. There are other sellers who sell computers with entry level graphics cards costing under £30 and promise smooth game play on demanding games. This is not true. It simply isn’t possible to play todays games like Assassins creed, crysis, battlefield on high resolution and detail level on an entry level pc with an entry level graphics card. There are Internet forums full of posts from customers who buy such computers and then discover that in reality performance is not what they expected. So, its always a good idea to get the right information from the experts.

Arbico is a Custom PC Specialist and has been around for over 10 years. We sell all types of custom built PCs such as silent PCs, Media centres and video Workstations. At Arbico we aim to sell computers that satisfy our customer’s requirements and meet or beat their expectations no matter what their budget. So if we get queries asking for a cheap computer capable of playing the latest games at the highest settings for a budget of £300 we explain to our customers that this is not possible and advise them to either increase their budget or reduce their expectations. This sometimes means that we lose some orders but almost all customers appreciate our honesty and plain spoken advice.

We believe that giving honest upfront advice means customers are more satisfied and recommend us to others even if they can’t afford to buy one of our high end PCs.