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 Customer Testimonials
Arbico A320 Ryzen - Budget Business PC

Arbico is definitely UK's Best online company to buy Pc or get info about any hardware. Arbico have fully satisfied me by giving a extravagant service, i haven't seen or received in a very long time

I boought a Pc for home and office use. The best thing that i noticed at Arbico was that the parts they offered could easily be exchanged by your own choice. They found a great offers which are even better than what I had a look at on their website.

I would reccommend Arbico to every one out there.. if you have any queries write to them they answer insanely fast!! Arbico gives an prior priority to its customers. They will not only sale thier products but are curious to know what you want with the product. you can get a great conversation with them both on mail and call about pc setups, hardware etc etc!!

Andrew, Preston
Arbico 1700X Overclocked - Custom Ryzen Computer

I had been looking around the internet for a cheap place to build a computer a couple of years ago i wanted and came across Arbico. Easy to navigate and very helpful customer service and had no problems with the computer I've chosen from their wide range of stock available. Recently I had a small problem and contacted Arbico as a last resort of a lost windows key and they sent me my key within minutes on email with kind words and a friendly service. Would definitely recommend.

Maffyouu Holman, Sussex
Arbico Intel 7400-Custom Built Quad Core PC

Ordered my second PC from Arbico,first one ran faultlessly for nearly 5 years. They quoted 10 days delivery initially, but when I explained my pc was out of action they requoted 5 days.

Arbico maintained that 5 day promise, and kept me informed every step along the way.They made recommendations for improving the rig which I accepted.
The PC was very securely packaged and protected.

Faultless customer service,by both phone and email.

I highly recommend Arbico.

Kev, UK
Arbico Intel i9 7900X - Twelve Display Trading PC

Based on personal recommendation, my family has bought three machines from Arbico (2013, 2015 and present) and we have had ZERO hardware failures. If you are doing a custom build, contact Arbico at the beginning of the process - take advantage of their expertise and work WITH them to select the correct components and ensure compatibility. Thorough testing is as important as the physical components, and that is where I think Arbico out-performs cheaper competitors.

The old adage is as true today as it ever was - you buy cheap, you buy twice. If you look through reviews you will find positive and negative for ANY major UK PC builder - but I say again: ZERO hardware/component failures with THREE machines over FIVE years, ZERO blue screens, fans correctly aligned in case to ensure proper airflow, and so on.... On this occasion, Arbico actually supplied superior RAM to the one I selected (1866 rather than 1600).

Thoroughly decent chaps, and patient with people like myself who are enthusiastic amateurs (not an expert by ANY stretch!) that require a bit of guidance. Work with them and you will get what you want.

Matt S, London
Arbico 250T Kaby Lake Quiet Computer

Fast delivery, PC arrived in time and working perfectly.

Arbico C770K Ryzen - AMD All Rounder Gaming PC

Excellent service. Hugh range of PC components to build a Computer at very cheap price.

Arbico B150 Marvel - Small Form Factor PC

I am now on my third PC from this company any problems are quickly sorted out and dealt with.

Sufficient to say when I am ready to get an updated machine they will be my first port of call.

I have just received it back after returning it back 3 times in the last 6 weeks, but non of this was their fault, mainly due to couriers mishandling of the package.

After each of the first two times that it was returned and didn't work I called them and it was collected 2 days later, that's excellent service!

On all of the PC's I've had I customized them and they were only too pleased to help, with any question I had.

Arbico Extreme 5820K Passive Cooled Computer

Fantastic and speed customer support. They have sorted all technical issues with ease. Provide me all the tracking details and PC arrives in well-packaged in ideal condition.

Arbico i5 1060 Next Day PC

I bought a PC from Cameron, at Arbico, just under 10 years ago. I've had it rebuilt 3 times (queue Trigger's broom joke). Cameron has always given fantastic service with very honest opinion about what was feasible in terms of upgrades around the core components of my PC....and his last comments were "Really sir, I honestly think next time, it will be time for a new PC". He has kept my machine running all this time, educated me in how to manage my files across multiple drives and given excellent service. I can't recommend Arbico enough - and am looking forward to finally purchasing that new machine from them.

Arbico i3 Mini LC88X - Media Center HTPC

A bit delay in my PC delivery however it is working tremendously well since receiving. Support staff was keep informing me about built status until delivery date. I'd use them again! Great people, company and prices.

Arbico i5 650GT - Quad Core Professional PC

I have purchased multiple custom built systems for my company this year and they are always very professional in there dealings with me. Thanks Arbico

Arbico X9950 Haswell Extreme Performance PC

Great Product, Excellent packaging and arrived on time. Thanks Arbico!

Arbico Intel RX4460 Skylake Budget Gaming PC

Exceptional PC assembling and very quick delivery. Purchased as a Christmas gift for my son and i am very happy with their services. I would recommend this to a friend!

Arbico R8370 AMD Overclocked Computer

I am a repeat customer of Arbico computers and like my previous purchases, I am very happy with great quality custom built PC and with after sales services. You get exactly what you pay for.

Arbico FX 8320E - Budget Business PC

Good PC with amazing performance and found lot cheaper than other custom PC builders.

Arbico X6150 Armageddon Intel Gaming PC

Bought a gaming pc for my son from Christmas special deals. Being a hardware beginner I needed to contact Arbico for help & support. They have been excellent throughout with speedy replies and helpful advice. Really happy with my end product.. Thanks.

Arbico VE750 Overcloked Graphics Workstation

Top notch service yet again and a great workstation PC. My second computer from Arbico and they are providing great machines and service whenever i needed.

John Hustler, Sussex
Arbico Mini LC88X - Custom Media Center HTPC

Small Form Factor PC was very well packed and arrived on time. Very happy customer.

Arbico performance VE550 Quad Core

Bought my custom video editing PC from here a couple of weeks back, transaction was quick and simple. I would most definitely use them again for buying a PC.

Arbico 7970 Haswell - Next Day PC

Very helpful staff & great advice provided while choosing PC Specs. Fast and efficient service from Arbico. Forget the rest they are the best.

Arbico Athlon 680HK - Custom Quad Core Computer

I have had more than 10 PCs for my company since 5 years. All Systems are absolutely working fine. Arbico build a PC to your own Specs and their build quality is the best among others.

Arbico 1080VR Hercules - Custom Built Gaming PC

Thank you cameron for your help with my HDD problems. You guys always go the extra mile to sort my issues out. Arbico’s customer service is second to none.

Arbico Fusion VE900 Quadro

I ordered my PC with the urgent delivery option and it is dispatched to me within expected time. It was well packed and I am very happy with PC performance. Thanks Arbico.

Andrew Collingwood, London
Arbico i7 Z170 Skylake - Eight Display Multimonitor PC

Excellent range of Custom PCs with so many upgrade options available meaning you can get the exact customized PC you want within your budget. PC prices are very competitive and offering latest accessories. The Trading PC i received is  super fast and awesome so far after a  of using it is fault free.

Shaun Patrick, Sussex
Arbico 1080VR Hercules - Custom Built Gaming PC

I am very glad to fully recommend Arbico Computers as a UK no.1 custom PC builder who provide super fast gaming computer and great customer service during all stages of the buying process.

Arbico 6800K Fusion - Overclocked Gaming PC

User friendly website, Quick Delivery, Ordered on Sunday and received the following Thursday! Build was neat and of a high standard. Thanks Arbico.

Arbico IVY 960K Quiet PC System

Arbico provide a quality custom-built PC service offering a wide range of options from lower budgets to the top-end. My particular interest is in quiet/silent PCs and in that respect they are top notch. Whisper-quiet, excellent components and pretty good price for high-spec machines. The guys are happy to chat on the phone and modify the options beyond what the website offers if that's what you desire. Tell them what you want, what your budget is and they'll work with you to get you what you are after.

Arbico 1080S Mad Max - Extreme Gaming Computer

Hi, many thanks for your quick build and dispatch of the Gaming PC with fastest Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 8GB Graphics Card which features DDRX and has most advanced GPU architecture. I received it yesterday via special courier service offered by Arbico. Although I had to wait for my PC due to releasing of GPU but all looks very nice and can not wait to play latest games on this VR Ready beast.

Arbico C770K Pro - AMD All Rounder Gaming PC

Purchased a AMD Gaming PC for my youngest brother, and now he is happiest person in the world and playing all the games like Tom Clancy The Division, Call of Duty, Doom & etc. Delivery was also quick and arrived on next day.

Arbico FX 8320E - Budget Busniess PC

Recieved the computer on time, Very impressed with everything. System works great better than expected, Great service and quick delivery! Everything was great, If you have to buy custom built PC, Then Arbico is the right place for you.

Arbico i5 650S Quad - Cutom Built Quiet PC

I can't believe my PC system came so quick. I ordered it on Monday with urgent delivery service and it came right after 4 days. Delivery was very quick and it came in one piece thanks to the packaging ;). Runs spot on and is sooo much quicker than my previous quiet PC. Never had to ring tech support after purchase. Thanks Arbico...

Cheap Gaming PC

I was looking for cheap gaming PC and have found and purchased a good budget gaming computer from Arbico Computers. The specs of PC were exactly as described and I have had no problems when asking for technical help.  They are a very good custom built pc provider in UK and their technical and sales staff is very cooperative. Thanks Arbico for delivering me my desired system.

Arbico X9950 Ti Performance PC

Received PC today, Great price, fast delivery, superb service, highly recommended to everyone in UK.

Arbico Silent 4790 - Passive Cooled PC

Very good PC builder in UK, Excellent customer service & very quick reply to my emails / feedbacks. Product is also fantastic as promised, Delivered quickly to me and I was kept informed every step of the way. Bravo Arbico....

Arbico Ultimate VE750 OC

I received my Workstation PC few days ago from Arbico. PC was really well packed and arrived on time despite I customized almost every spec. I was little bit confused while selecting M.2 PCI-E SSD but their technical staff was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Now I am using my quadro workstation for advanced level of professional work and its working fluently. Thanks

Arbico GB440 Skylake - Custom Built Office PC

I ordered a 2 custom built PC for home & office purpose and surprisingly its delivered to me within expected time. Packaging of the computers was very good and each PC was packed in different box. After sales team was very technical and helpful on the phone and my PCs are working perfectly well now.

Arbico Radeon 380S - Intel Gaming PC

Arbico Computers delivered the same specs PC which they described in a website. Although I did some upgrades in my system but their support staff helped me alot while building a good PC for Gaming. I highly recommend this company if you are going to buy a good custom built gaming pc.

Arbico i7 6700K Quad Display Skylake Computer

Got a Gaming Computer for my daughter, she's very happy with the PC system. Brilliant service and quick delivery, would highly recommend this UK based PC builder to anyone who is looking to purchase a custom built pc.

Arbico Xeon WS950 Supreme

I have made lot of online purchases but the best service i have ever received from Arbico Computers. Sales staff was very professional and efficient. They kept me updated with emails about my PC building status and arrived to me on time.

Arbico Extreme 5820K Passive Cooled Computer

I bought 3 silent pc for my office work form Arbico. They assembled my systems with high quality pc parts, Price was cheaper than others & packaged arrived on time. I will definitely come to them again for my future purchases and have no reservations about recommending them as a great PC supplier.

Arbico Quiet VE800 Hexa Core

I have got my video editing PC from Arbico last week. It was very well packed and delivered to me a day before scheduled delivery day. Enjoying the flawless performance of top specs system. I would certainly recommend and use Arbico Computers for my future purchases; they have proven their worth many times over. I am very satisfied with their technical support staff too. Bravo!

Arbico Intel G405 Plus - Custom Built Next Day PC

Ordered a Next Day PC which was assembled and shipped on the same day, great service and product in perfect condition. Will absolutley use Arbico again!

Tech House, London
Arbico 5820K Quadro - OC Video Editing Computer

Purchased a new  Overclocked Gaming Computer from Arbico, it arrived with in the expected time. It was a Brilliant & simple customization options process to build a custom PC. i am very impressed with the build quality, customer service of Arbico.

Kevin parker, London
Arbico GD06B Elite - Custom Media Centre PC

Short but sweet review for these guys. Bought a £1500 system from them around 3 years ago, it's still incredibly quick and works great.

They ran out of the surge protector that I had selected, so they rang me to check that I was ok with a free upgrade to a better one.

Delivery took a couple of weeks but this was understandable with it being a custom PC, plus I paid for standard delivery. PC and accessories arrived safely packaged.

Should have put up a review closer to the purchase however this goes to show that their PCs last!

Arbico i7 Z170 Skylake - Eight Display Multimonitor PC

I ordered a Trading PC from this UK seller, they have provided me a spectacular pc specs for very best price. The quality of service was too good. PC comes with 2 years warranty.

Thumbs up for Arbico Computers.

Arbico 6420M Custom Built Home PC

They took around 3 days to build my urgent PC system and delivered me on a very next day. This is pretty good considering I live in Scotland. I was worried about the delivery to Scotland from London but my custom built pc was very well packed and arrived safely.

Thank you Arbico

Arbico i5 650GT - Quad Core Professional PC

Excellent customer service, PC Specs are great and arrived on time just before XMAS. I will always go with Arbico Computers. Thanks as i am very happy returning customer.

Arbico FC5OD X2 Silent - Fanless Media HTPC

I am very much happy and satisfied with my computer purchase it meets all my gaming and software development needs. I normally build my own PCs, but I am glad I decided to go with Arbico. I can definitely see myself buying future PCs from this Custom Built Specialist, saves me from finding the time to build my own and I know from owning my first Arbico PC that I will get a high quality product from you guys

Arbico IVY 960K Quiet PC System

Once again Arbico has built me an amazing computer. I had an issue and their customer service representative called me back within 5 minutes of my voicemail and solved the problem very quickly. I would recommend Arbico Computers Limited to anybody looking to buy a powerful computer. If i need a new computer in the future Arbico will be my first choice.

Arbico 295 X2 Hulk - Custom Built PC

I got my pc pretty quick and you guys kept me up to date the whole time which was nice. The PC runs exactly how I expected it to the only downfall is that I wanted a different case but unfortunately it was out of stock so i only had an option of one but honestly it doesn't bother me at all the pc is awesome and in happy with it.

Arbico Xeon 6000 Advanced Level Workstation

I first entered Arbico while I bought a workstation for my work. The quadro workstation pc was amazing and I still have it. It was time for an upgrade so I customized a new video system. During shipping they kept me informed and answered all questions. After receiving the pc I had minor difficulty setting it up and they again helped resolve all issues.

Arbico 5820K Quadro - OC Video Editing Computer

I bought my first Computer from Arbico 1 year ago, I bought the Custom Built PC and I have loved it! After the great experience with the customer service I decided to get 2 anothers systems from them. I had a few questions about what PC would suit  for my office work and purchased a PCs for office and even got a processor upgrade for free! I've had nothing but GREAT experiences with Arbico.


Arbico R9 285 Intel Gaming PC

Christmas Present for Gamer


Great computer, fantastic price. We love Arbico!

I would recommend this to a friend!



Arbico R7 4820K Custom Computer

I love this Arbico computer! It’s at an excellent price and it runs so well for what I want to use it for. The design is nice and clean, and the windowed side panel is pretty awesome. I have been recommending Arbico to all my friends and family that are in the market for a new pc.

What’s great about it: PC Case, stunning performance, good price & functionality.        

What's not so great: Nothing yet.

Arbico Excel Xeon 1220 Video Editing PC

Purchased this PC as a surprise gift for my friend, she is so happy with performance and loves it; I am pondering I should buy myself one! Runs great and easy set up! I would recommend this to everyone.

Arbico Elite 8370E Gaming - Next Day Custom PC

Next Day Delivery as Mentioned

I had ordered a next day pc and I was very wary because this was my first purchase from Arbico so I phoned them a couple of times and was reassured.

Arbico Quadro 4000 High End 3D Video Workstation


I am a repeating customer and this is the first time I have ordered a workstation for my office. I found it to be of High Quality Manufacturing and would certainly place an order again.

Build your Intel PC

Fantastic Build Your Own Intel PC Builder
I Ordered a intel PC with  i5  CPU, nvidia GTX 760 GPU with 16GB DDR3 memory, I love this PC and it is the best system i ever had well worth the money. Arbico is a very good PC Builder in UK. I would recommend using them. Just Shop with confidence.


Arbico R9 285 Intel Gaming PC

Good Product with Prompt Delivery

They do what they say. Quick delivery and excellent service and PC. I am very glad. I can recommend everybody to buy by Arbico.

Arbico Quiet Dark Rock 4820K - Custom Build Trading PC

Fast delivery, Quick response to emails and phones

I bought this multimonitor PC for trading 4 months ago and I am quite impressed with my trading computer performance. Support staff are very friendly and expert in computer hardware. I will shop again from Arbico Computers. Cheers!

Rory Bodian Livingston, UK
Arbico FC5OD X2 Silent - Fanless Media HTPC

Excellent System - Prompt Reply - Knowledgeable Staff

We purchased the Silent Media PC for home theatre and the machine is whisper silent, extremely fast and exactly what we needed. Arbico was the only company out there that was able to meet our exact needs; there are many other custom built pc sites but they have limited choice and no flexibility when it comes to going beyond the spec. Thumbs up for them in my experience, well recommend the Arbico Computers.

Hewett Belshaw, Carlisle
Arbico i5 GT 740 Quiet Computer

Free delivery, product ok, no problems

Purchased through Arbico website, arrived in a couple of days. No problems at all. Thanks

Neil Andrade, Maidstone
Arbico Monster 4960X TITAN Z PC

The Best - Thank You

"Excellent Value, Quality and Service"

The best. --- I own a small business and have regulary purchased PC systems from Arbico over the years. The sales staff really know there stuff and offer recommendations on the PC specs which I found partually usefull. I would have no hesitation recommending Arbico. The whole sales experience has been excellent from the initial phone calls to delivery of the order. I have only ever had to call the technical department once and my query was dealt with immediately and effectively. No negatives.

Arbico Elite i7 290X Custom Gaming PC

Awesome PC for gaming

Got a dream PC from Arbico. Did some upgrades like CPU, Network Card, Memory for smooth gaming and added a SSD for the OS. The performance of a system makes it worth the price. Awesome

Walker Galbraath, TAIN
Arbico Haswell Quadro 600 Workstation System

First time I have used Arbico Computers but I am now happy customer. The price was good and after sales service is too good. Recommend to everyone.

Jack Linford, Chelmsford
Arbico 4770 Ti Haswell Custom Built PC

Got my PC in perfect condition and specs are same as described in website. Easy to purchase, quick and simple procedure. Bravo.

Michael Bailey, Surbiton
Arbico 3220 GT Silent Computer

Bought a silent PC, It was hard to find the right PC then I searched the internet and found this company. Their price was the cheapest and they had great customer satisfaction reviews. Delivery was prompt (next day), Packaging excellent and the machine was absolutely fine. Very pleased with the service, will use them again.

Will Clarke, Newmarket
Arbico Elite i7 290X Custom Gaming PC

First time customer with very basic knowledge of PC Specs but I have to say this has been the best PC purchase experience for many years! The PC quality is brilliant, customer service was excellent and delivery was quick. This machine runs World of Warcraft on ultra settings with out breaking a sweat! Great…

Arbico Core i3 7770 Cheap PC System

Very satisfied with the order procedure. Easy to order. I am very pleased with my order.

Simon Matthew, Leeds
Arbico 4570 Performance - Custom Built Mini ITX PC

I purchased SFF PC after viewing review in a computer magazine, I then looked at several companies on line and the spec for the money was far in excess to any other. Their after sales service is excellent.

Rory Dobson, Salisbury
Arbico 4930K Custom Built Extreme PC

Excellent customer service with very helpful guy on the end of the Phone. I have bought two Gaming Systems from my children and I am pleased with their expertise, well priced and user friendly manner.

Stephanie Dionysios, Bradford
Arbico GTX Titan i7 Haswell Overclocked PC

Purchased a PC for games and it is awesome!! Playing lot of different genre games and everything runs at max settings, great service and a great company!

John Porter, Altrincham, UK
Arbico Elite 8350 Gaming - Next Day Custom PC

I ordered a pc from Arbico according to my specs and warranty and now I am very happy with system and their after sales service. Truly they are one of the best custom built PC specialist in UK. Thanks

Gerard Marshall, Thetford, UK
Arbico Elite V7900 SDI Video Workstation

Hey just wanted to say that the PC works and looks fantastic, thanks so much for the great service. I'll definitely be recommending you to my friends.

Arbico Quadro 4000 High End 3D Video Workstation

Got the best Media PC i ever had over the years. Arbico Computers is always responsive as for customer care and tech support. I will not hesitate to recommend Arbico to others.

Michael Tuckerman, Sheffield
Arbico 4930K Custom Built Extreme PC

Excellent system and very well tested by their technicians before it was shipped. There was a minor issue that was not the fault of Arbico. Their after sales support team was very professional and helpful. The problem was diagnosed quickly. I recommend them highly."

Tim Galbraath
Arbico 4770 Ti Haswell Custom Built PC

Powerful computer, built quickly with good customer...

While searching for a new computer, I looked at building one myself and pre-built computers. I happened across the Arbico website during their fantastic Boxing Day sales.

Using their custom build option, I constructed something very close to what I'd call my dream computer and submitted my order. Over the next week there was some to and fro communication as the staff at Arbico helped me optimize the build, offering to swap out components and suggesting alternatives!

When that was finalized, my computer was dispatched and arrived at my address very quickly - the packaging was very rugged with several layers of cardboard and inflated plastic keeping my PC from suffering at the hands of the courier (there were a couple dents in the outer box, but I expect that from most couriers, nowadays).

It was set up and ready to rock, but without a lot of the crappy software other companies install without permission. (There was a folder with all of the installation files for a large number of useful programs, which was a nice touch as I was able to quickly sort through and install the ones I wanted!)

I'm very pleased with my computer and the service I received.

Arbico Quiet i5 4570MG Custom PC

Simply Flawless

Overall experience is nearly 100%, the ordering process was very easy & communication through start to end was provided in much details. Specs of system are as expected; amazingly commanding computer with no issues. It arrived faster than predicted which is excellent. I would definitely recommend Arbico Computer Limited to anyone looking for Customize Desktop PC.

Arbico Elite V7900 SDI Video Workstation

High Quality PC in Very Cheap Price

PC with super specs in reasonable price. Very impressed with the performance and cooling of a computer. Mouse is a little iffy though but overall a very good value PC.

Arbico Value A75MA - Custom Built PC

Very Happy with Customer Service and Follow-up

I found Arbico Computers to be tremendously responsive and they showed that they actually care!! Lots of PC Builder say they care, but don't really act that way when it comes down to it. Arbico was different and I will be ordering more PC from them.

Arbico Extreme 4820K HD Passive Cooled Computer

Excellent Service; Orders on Time; Very nice to do business with Arbico

I am happy to have had such a good experience with them. Arbico’s staff was very nice to work with, helpful and made sure I got the order completed on time.

Arbico Intel i5 7770 Next Day - Ready To Ship Computer

Product as advertised

I ordered a next day PC on Monday and courier arrived Tuesday, but they had sent wrong speakers with PC instead. A Quick call and the sales person said he would take care of it. The following next day Courier arrived with the correct speakers. I would recommend Arbico Computes to everyone.

Arbico Intel GTX 660 OC - Custom Gaming Computer

Astonishing Customer support and Product

I bought the PC from Arbico. They were very helpful to me to pick the right parts for my need, that was good experience and the computer I got from them its great and it works fine and good pricing.


Thank you

Arbico Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim Gaming Computer

Great Product, Customer Service and Shipment!

I received my Custom Built PC in just 3 days with normal shipping as per commitment and it was exactly what I wanted. I had a few questions regarding upgrades of some components, and I found the customer service person very knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks Arbico for being such a great online Desktop PC Company.

Arbico 4820K GD - Custom Built Computer

Wonderful Experience!!! Great Range, Great Prices!!!

Shopping with Arbico Computers was a fantastic experience for me.

I ordered a new Desktop PC for my Office from Arbico website and found it very easy to use with many customizable options and really happy with their customer support too.

Highly recommended!

Arbico Core i3 7770 Cheap Gaming System

First Class Service. Excellent Computer Build. Highly Recommend ! ! ! ! ! !

I had been looking for a gaming computer for a while and when I had my own income coming in, a PC was the first thing I saved up for. I had been hovering around Arbico website for a while customising computers of my dreams that I couldn't afford so when I had enough money for one I went right ahead. I had never bought anything outside of eBay or Amazon so I didn't know what to expect but Arbico were excellent and sent me frequent emails detailing me on the current situations of my PC and the exact day it would be delivered along with a tracking ID. I'm a frequent player of the game 'League of Legends' and my Arbico PC consistently has over 100 fps with my 650 GTX graphics card and i3 3.2ghz quad core processor

My computer came in excellent packaging along with all the cables and extra peripherals and a complimentary note thanking me for purchasing off of them.

I would recommend Arbico to anyone looking for any sort of computer from office to gaming, especially gaming!

Here is a picture of my Arbico PC http://i.imgur.com/R4QMwf2.jpg

Arbico 4770 Ti Haswell Custom Built PC

Fast computer, great customer service, speedy delivery.

While searching for a new computer, I looked at building one myself and pre-built computers. I happened across the Arbico website during their fantastic Boxing Day sales.

Using their custom build option, I constructed something very close to what I'd call my dream computer and submitted my order. Over the next week there was some to and fro communication as the staff at Arbico helped me optimize the build, offering to swap out components and suggesting alternatives!

When that was finalized, my computer was dispatched and arrived at my address very quickly - the packaging was very rugged with several layers of cardboard and inflated plastic keeping my PC from suffering at the hands of the courier (there were a couple dents in the outer box, but I expect that from most couriers, nowadays).

It was set up and ready to rock, but without a lot of the crappy software other companies install without permission. (There was a folder with all of the installation files for a large number of useful programs, which was a nice touch as I was able to quickly sort through and install the ones I wanted!)

I'm very pleased with my computer and the service I received.

Daniel Goodalls, MANCHESTER
Arbico Xeon E3-1275 - Custom Workstation PC

Super Fast Workstation.. Arrived so Quickly.. Thumbs Up Arbico!
I received the Workstation PCs and it’s fantastic. As I am a Video Animation and Special Effects Graphics Expert, Using Premiere Pro and rendering a 30 minute HD video, the time changed from 1 ½ hours to 15 minutes. I tried Mudbox and could work with objects with 1 million polys without any interruption.



I love the liquid cooled spacious design of this computer. The upgradeability is great!

Arbico 3220 GT Silent Computer

Very Pleased with PC & Support! Recommended.

“Purchased a Silent PC from Arbico Computers, I am very pleased with PC and support. It’s not just silence but the system really is amazingly quiet, effectively silent.”

Arbico Intel 4670K OC - Custom Gaming Computer

Best PC Builder in UK

Hi, recently bought a Gaming PC from them. While deciding what I want, they were extremely helpful, friendly and simply cleared all worries. Now just to get my PC from them... Truly best custom built PC seller. Their prices aren't as high as others. What can I say - BEST! Don't stop doing good work

Arbico 4570 Haswell Gaming - Custom Built Computer

Great Price Pc

The Arbico Budget Gaming PC was a great purchase for me that was affordable on my budget and it came with all necessary accessories like over-clocked Graphics Card, Windows7, PC Remote, Gaming Keyboard & Mouse, Speakers & etc. It’s great for web browsing and it’s able to play all 3D Games. Plus I got a free PC Remote and free Game Voucher worth £50.

Arbico Ecco 6400K Custom Built Quiet PC

Really quick delivery, even after changing my PC specs twice.

I've always been happy with Arbico Computers, they're always helpful and I've had nothing but good customer service from them.

Ordered a Custom Built PC with 5 working days build and ship option and during 3 days I had changed my PC specs twice, I emailed them with my order number and asked them to change the order specs, which they did without any hassle.

Secondly, as I'd ordered on a Friday morning the order was due to be delivered on the next Thursday (Next day delivery, dispatched on the Friday), but the order actually arrived on the Thursday which I was very happy with.

chrisshaw , Leeds
Arbico Extreme 4820K HD Passive Cooled Computer

Astounding Machine and Superb Customer Service!

I contacted Stephen at Arbico Computers via phone and he was great at conversing and suggesting me to get what I wanted for in my limited Budget. My desired PC came very quickly with very well packed.

I have contacted Arbico since I got my PC for few queries and every time they responded me very swiftly.

I would definitely recommend Arbico Computers to all my mates.

Thanks Arbico Computers.

roberdowling ,Lichfield
Arbico Intel 4670K OC - Custom Gaming Computer

Awesome service and a well built Custom Gaming PC

I was looking for Building my own PC via wide range of PC specs and then I choose Arbico. The options available to build your own specification are very extensive. The heatsink that i had selected was not available at that time and i was contacted by phone at the first opportunity to be informed and offer a variety of replacement options.

I am also very happy with Delivery time and Packaging. I would recommend Arbico Computers Limited to anyone looking to get a custom PC built and will be back in future myself.

Robert , Hereford
Arbico Intel i7 3820 Quiet PC

Order to delivery in 1 day

When I was searching for a next day pc on a web and I found Arbico. Initially I was uncertain whether to trust this UK company or not. I read large numbers of reviews and as the majority of them were tremendously positive and then decided to give them a go. It was not a disappointment to choose Arbico Computers. I have had absolutely no issues, either with the build of a PC, delivery time and with their customer services when I rang to enquire about speeding up the process, nor with the product itself. You could not find this kind of power for the money without building the unit yourself; I am very pleased and would definitely shop with Arbico again.

rossjhon, Exeter
Arbico Quadro K5000 Extreme Workstation Computer

Exceptional Product and Outstanding Customer Service!


Very impress with the performance of the Workstation PC. It was a quick delivery and very well packed. Receiving a follow-up phone call, ensuring I received the product and asking about my initial review was a welcome surprise. I highly recommend Arbico Computers and look forward to suggest my friends to purchase PCs with them.

williambrown, Chelmsford
Arbico Value GTX 260 Budget Computer

Outstanding Service and Fast Shipping!!

Great high quality PC and very fast shipping also excellent communication for any questions with customer services executives. Everything is fits and perfect!!


David Mac Phedran, Canterbury, GB
Arbico 4570 Haswell Gaming - Custom Built Computer

Cheap Enough!!

It's a good site with cheapest Gaming Computers; I got my PC before the committed date of shipment and I found that all accessories were well packed and dirt free.

Highly recommended to all of you!

Many thanks again!

martingwythes, Bradford
Custom Built Gaming PC

An all round top notch company

It’s always good to know you can buy with confidence, and this certainly applies to Arbico. I’ve purchased a new PC each time I’ve needed to upgrade Windows and I’ve now had three Arbico PCs and accessories. My latest PC arrived this week and is of top quality as I knew it would be. I need to use a PC for many hours each day and the Arbico units have never let me down once. In short, what I’ve come to learn by experience is that here is a company that works to the highest standards in all areas. What I mean by this is that not only do they produce terrific machines, but the exceptional extra from them is the support, advice and follow-up services provided by their knowledgeable and friendly sales- and technical-teams. Arbico’s claim is that it offers a personal touch and that it cares for customers. Without doubt, their claim in fully justified. I find it counts for a lot that they always go the extra mile. Frankly I’ve never before written a recommendation for any company or product, so this is a first for me. That said, without hesitation I highly recommend Arbico to anyone.

Donald Taylors, DARLINGTON
Arbico Extreme 290X Gaming PC

Arbico is awesome. Buying a Custom PC was a struggle for me and thanks to Arbico Computers and their staff for endless help and support. I would strongly recommend Arbico to anyone looking for a new computer or bundles.

Arbico Value A75MA - Custom Built PC

Have purchased 2 times before always great prices and availability service fantastic no nasty surprises have no hesitation in recommending Arbico Computers

N HAYDOCK, Birmingham
Arbico A8 6600K Custom Built Dual Display PC

At first, when I was looking around for a custom built PC all the local shops had to order in parts. Which they said would take weeks, so I looked online. One of my friends recommended Arbico Computers. So I contacted Arbico via Email and described what I wanted, then they pointed me to their one of the best Custom PC. I then used the available options to make a PC near enough to what I wanted. Then I asked some more questions, and then eventually bought the item. The complete computer arrived about a week after I had ordered. And it is powerful enough to do everything I want it to do. I would absolutely recommend this to another friend.

Nicola Dionysios, Bradford
Arbico Elite OC8350 Crossfire - Extreme Gaming PC

This is the greatest PC I've ever purchased from Arbico Computers. The buying process was simple and straightforward and they were very patient with my numerous questions about the computer. These guys build insane computers.

Stephanie Winburn,Truro
Arbico Extreme 290X Gaming PC

Arbico built the best computer I've ever owned. I had a similar one from a competitor prior to purchasing Arbico Gaming PC. Not only the Arbico PC a cheaper, it had higher quality components. It was very easy to order the PC of my dreams! My Custom Built Computer can run Batman Origins at 2560x1440 at max graphics settings smoothly!! When it's time to upgrade again, there's only one place I'm going to go! Thanks again Arbico Computers!

David Belshaw, Sheffield
Arbico B85M Custom Built Silent PC

I purchased Silent PC from Arbico Computers few weeks ago. Trust me when I say, the computer is awesome! They always reply to all my questions when I'm confused about something or want to buy something else. Best customer service ever! I live in london and when I bought the computer from them, it took only 2 days to get here. Everything was already set up and ready to go. I would recommend Arbico Computers to anyone. I guarantee that if you buy from them, you will be extremely happy with both the computer and the service.

Gavin Robert, London
Arbico A8 6600K Custom Built Dual Display PC

I found Arbico Computers offered a good specification PC at a competitive price and gave excellent service

Elliot Woods, Norwich
Arbico AMD A8 6500 Quiet System

I'm extremely happy with the Custom built PC ordered from Arbico Computer. Whilst the pre-production aspect did take a while within 3 working days of it having begun to be built I received my computer. I would recommend their service to anyone as they keep me completely up-to-date on the developments and built it exactly to my specifications.

Glenn Dobson, Truro
Arbico Geforce 4930 Ivy Bridge-E Computer

Had my PC 2 years and it still plays everything out now, it has been left turned on since I bought it...3 years ago!!! Amazing.

Sam Bradbury, Bristol
Arbico AMD 7870 OC - Custom Gaming PC

My Custom PC arrived in excellent condition and was well packed with lots of protection. Very please with the price and the service I received. No problems with delivery which was what I was worried about.

Rory Williams, Salisbury
Arbico Intel i7 3820 Quiet PC

Brilliant customer service with very helpful folk on the end of the Phone. I have bought two PC machines from Arbico Computers and have always found them to be professional, fair priced and eager to help.

Richard Hancock, Carlisle
Arbico Extreme i7 4770K OC - Crossfire Gaming System

My experiences with Arbico Computers have been mostly good and I've been recommending them to all of my friends, family and colleagues for years.

Tim Atkins, Worcester
Arbico 3570K OC Crossfire Computer

I would like to thank everyone at arbico.co.uk for the quality of build of my PC and the efficient service on any questions i have had regards hardware and software enquiries.

Peter Simon, Truro
Arbico R9 270X - Custom Haswell System

Order came in perfect condition, on time and the support after sale was brilliant.

This was my first shopping experience at Arbico and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by their response and commitment to deliver the PC of my choice early. Arbico from now on, will surely be one of my preferred places to search for software products.

Conall Alex, Manchester
Arbico Haswell 4570 Gaming System

I was recommended Arbico Computers and I am extremely happy I was. I purchased a PC for my home and the whole end to end process was painless and I feel we received excellent value for our money. I will be buying from Arbico Computers again and would recommend it to ours.

Simon Raxter, tony ha
Arbico Elite OC8350 Crossfire - Extreme Gaming PC

Excellent service and choice of components

I ordered my computer with quite a number of upgrades from the extensive choice they have for each computer, the computer arrived within 1 week with all upgrades, and all working without any hitches and all is still working fine. Construction, delivery and information given were excellent. Great prices - easy to order (fast checkout, especially after the first time) - fast shipping - I\'m satisfied.

thomas eddie, Worcester
Arbico Value N95Q Quiet Computer

I used Arbico Computers to deliver a custom built PC to my specifications. I am quite pleased with the outcome. The price was very affordable and the PC is working great and was delivered as promised.

Andrew Matthew, Leeds
Arbico Value A75MA - Custom Built PC

The PC itself was definitely value for money. It is able to play high demand games on high graphics settings smoothly. I did run into a few problems with the PC hardware however, but they were all taken care of pleasantly and with much patience on their end. Due to the warranty I was able to send off the PC and have the faulty parts replaced, all for free.

Arbico Passive G41 Pro - Custom Silent PC

I found Arbico Computers website after a Google search for the gaming pc I was interested in. I found the site easy to use and very informative. As I am not a hardcore gamer I didn't understand the PC specifications fully, I spoke to a gentleman at arbico called ian who really helped and advised me on the right PC and upgrades. I would definitely recommend this site and their customer service.

Arbico Custom Bulid PCs

I just wanted to show you guys some love since I think you deserve it! You guys built the pc I'm using now over 6 months ago and it's still going strong,

absolutely love it :D When I've saved up some more money I will definitely be using your site again to build an awesome gaming rig ASAP. Thanks again!

Tommy Copter, UK
Arbico A10 5700 Silent - Custom Build Passive Cooled PC

I also wanted to say that service from Arbico has been excellent so far - the best online shopping service I can remember. The updates and the confirmation of delivery times in particular have been great. I'd definitely buy from you again.

D. Bennet, BRISTOL
Arbico Custom Bulid PCs


I have had my PC about 6 months now and i have had no problems atall. I wanted to upgrade a few parts without voiding the warranty and they said it was fine and wouldn't void the warranty. I'm very impressed!

Mat1998x , Worcester, GB
Arbico AMD GT 520 - Value Core Brisbane SFF Computer

Good afternoon all at Arbico

This is just a short note to express my thanks to everyone in your team for a job well done. Having based my initial decision to purchase my new computer from Arbico on the customer testimonials on your website I have to agree with every one of them. Service throughout, from initial order through to final delivery was exemplary. Couldn't fault you at all, a slight delay on delivery was attributable to the delivery company rather than Arbico but even then you contacted them on my behalf to resolve the matter. Customer service of the highest order, progress updates on a regular basis and helpful sales advice - what's not to like about that!

Very happy with the computer itself, I like the fact that it arrived fully tested and ready to go and was blessedly free of the bloatware which is invariably added by all of the 'big box' manufacturers. I have no hesitation in recommending Arbico as a great company to deal with.

Add me to your list of satisfied customers.

Arbico Custom Bulid PCs

3 PC's ordered and excellent customer service

I can highly recommend Arbico to supply the pc you need. You can customise to suit your needs and although not the cheapest their customer service is worth paying a little extra for. I have ordered 3 pc's now for businesses in Plymouth and each one has been perfect. I hope Arbico will be around for a long time to come!

Mark Price, Plymouth, GB
Arbico Athlon N452 Next Day - Custom Built Computer

I received my PC today as scheduled and almost to the minute!!

I am really pleased with it; it is quiet, looks good and seems well constructed. Thanks you for the help and advice given whilst making up my mind as to which options to go for. I will most certainly recommend Arbico to anyone who wants PC equipment.

Many thanks again – I shall enjoy using the machine.

Arbico Gaming PC

was a little skeptical as i thought i was getting too good of a deal but pc arrived in fantastic packaging and pc is working so smooth its unreal! also abrico were very helpful i got emails everyday about pc status and when pc was being delivered i got a txt message to let me know the time :3 would defo!! buy from again fantastic!

Zara Vacher, South Shields
Arbico Custom Built PC

Custom built PC's at affordable prices and excellent sales service

My son wanted an Xbox for Christmas but then with a couple of shopping days left he changed his mind and wanted a gaming PC instead. Lucky a colleague had bought a gaming PC from ARBICO which he highly recommended. So on the last shopping day before Christmas I contacted their sales department and explained my predicament. Not only did they offer a high quality gaming PC for a very affordable price but they managed to delivery the custom built and tested PC a few days later which made my sons Christmas. I just wanted to thank them for their understanding, professional behaviour, speed of delivery and providing us with a top spec gaming machine. I would strongly recommend them if you are looking for a purpose built PC

Andrew Marsh, Birmingham
Arbico Next Day PC

"Much better than"

The delivery was quick, well packaged, the product was in perfect condition and it was exactly what I
ordered from the website.

Renald Black
Arbico Home / Office PC

 Brilliant PC, excellent choice, great service!

I received my second computer from Arbico two days ago and I can see that they haven't let standards slip at all.

I bought my first Arbico PC more than 4 and a half years ago and it served me really well. I'm a gamer and a bit of an animator, so in that time it handled a great deal of demanding work. However after four and a half years it was time for an upgrade.

After shopping round, I ended up back at Arbico both because of price and because they offered greater choice of components. (Including fairly priced SSDs). I ordered this second PC just before Christmas, and received it on January 3rd. That's slightly longer than they boast but incredibly quick for the Christmas period. I had to go through a security check and throughout customer service was incredibly prompt and reliable. My new machine is just as well built as the last one and came with windows preinstalled (but allowed me to do the setup) and completely free of bloatware.

Excellent again and will be recommending to friends!

Cicely Giles, Cardiff, GB
Arbico Quiet PC

How A Company SHOULD Be!

Looking for a gaming PC for my 14 year old son I was recommended to Arbico Computers by a father of my sons school friend who had used them. I had shopped around at other suppliers and even looked to build one from separate components but came back to Arbico on price and spec. We basically bought a stock system and then lightly customized it from the (easy to use) menus on the website. After placing the order we received of course, the obligatory confirmation email. What was impressive what that at EVERY stage of the build we received a progress email e.g. order received / parts picked / built / under test / awaiting dispatch etc. This was nice for my son to read and suggests they have a good quality control system. After ordering I phoned with a query and was able to make a spec change. The phone call was painless in that the initial automated phone system menu was actually easy to use and not in the least bit frustrating as many are. The people I then spoke to were pleasant, knowledgeable and spoke English. I've had a frustrating couple of months dealing with major UK utility companies and call centres in God knows where so this was a breath of fresh air! The courier service Arbico then use was first class with easy tracking and arriving within the hour slot. With Arbico I got the feeling that my custom mattered and that if I had an issue they would go out of their way to help. It felt like good old fashioned service the way it SHOULD be! Many thanks once again. Will be recommending them where I can and would definitely use again in the future.

Paula Conroy
Arbico Custom Built PC

Great quality, value and customer service

I ordered a new desktop off the arbico website and found it very easy to use with many customisable options. The system itself that I chose was great value for money, as were several other systems listed on the site.

After ordering, you are kept up to date with every stage of the testing/preparation of your new system with regular emails and you are also given several options of delivery dates. My pc arrived dead on time and any follow-up queries I had were dealt with via email in a matter of minutes.

Highly recommended!

Sean Case, Lancaster
Arbico Extreme Gaming PC

Superb experience thus far

Just a short review to say that, like many other reviewers here, I'd wholeheartedly recommend Arbico and their builds based on my experience with them so far.

I set out to buy a middle-of-the-road i5 gaming rig and settled on an Arbico due to both the price and quality of the components for the spec I required. From start to finish the customisation and ordering process was simple, with detailed info and clear costs on each component presented upfront.

Once ordered I was kept informed of the status of my build through various stages of building, testing and, once dispatched, delivery. Upon arrival the computer was well packaged and ready to go, and so far has performed perfectly under heavy loads.

My dealings by email with the sales team have been friendly and informative and hope they remain so in any subsequent dealings should anything go wrong.

Overall would highly recommend.

Jfjfi Fjnkvn
Arbico Silent PC

The best online computer deals/service in the UK

Just a quick review; I found a great deal on one of their featured pages for a custom PC, with good specs. Was a little unsure because ive only bought from dell previously, but they're a little overpriced for what i need now.

Easy to use site, with upgrades with all the prices on, and the option to save your config (i did while i decided whether to go ahead) - glad i did.

Once you complete your order, you recieve periodic updates of the stages - building, various testing phases, ready for dispatch, dispatch, and on top of that, the customer service is very speedy and helpful (i wanted to know when it would be dispatched only a few days after ordering - already had the correct date ready for me).

The best bit though, was the dealings with DPD, gave the tracking number etc, but even better, they specified within an HOUR WINDOW of when it was to be delivered. (this was an email from arbico on behalf of DPD, so they work together which is reassuring).

Overall great experience and would definatly recommend


Will Clarke, Newmarket
Arbico Gaming PC

Fantastic company

This company is excellent. I consider my computer to be an absolute bargain, given that the parts are better than some more expensive shop-bought machines and I didn't have to assemble the whole thing by myself. The customer service was fantastic, as I was updated on the stages of the build, and the whole process was very fast I found. Delivery was bang on time . Thank you, Arbico.

Avril Smart, Dundee
Arbico Custom PC

"very good"

a very good machine for the money. if you got component parts it would have cost twice as munch. im not just saying that i built 1 for my 17 year old it cost £100 more and not as good as it could be . should have got another from arbico .

Martin Clark, Buckfastleigh
Custom Built PC


When I decided that I was going to upgrade my PC I did a fair amount of research and look at many different websites selling custom PCs. Arbico offered all the variety I needed and such good prices that I just couldnt say no! After deciding to buy I was blown away by the customer service and assistance I was given when trying to design my PC.

I received my new PC within the recommended build and shipping time and when it turned up at my door it was perfect condition.

I would totally recommend Arbico to anyone and will definitely be going back there again if I upgrade in the future.

Tom Avent, Bristol
Arbico Custom Built Computer

"Fantastic and Pure Quality"

After going around on many custom building PC's I needed to find someone who can explain the technicals in a non-bs way. Arbico seemed to meet that requirement, and even though I work in the industry, they took full advantage of that and went straight down to business, an approach which I admire.
The product they built for me, managed to get what i was thinking down on paper. They took far less time than I thought to get the machine out of the door and ensured I was informed every step of the way, again I liked this.
Finally the computer arrived, and I had specifci instruction as I would bring in my own Memory, GFX card. Facilitating this in the spec as well as giving it room for future improvement was what got to me. I found this going beyond the call of duty for me, and it sealed the deal esp when I turned this bad boy on (using SSD for the first time :)).
What I thought about the product: Fantastic, lived up to the cost and worth every penny and more!!
I would recommend to anyone wanting a computer tailored for them and otherwise, fantastic customer service (esp from Ian and Kamran) and I would defintly consult this place for more purchases in the future (which I am planning to make) Keep up the fantastic work guys and im glad my money went to a company who know HOW to use it.

Shahrad Alerasoul, London
Arbico Core i7 GTX 570 SFF - Small Form Factor Extreme Gaming PC

"High end service for top spec machine"

After trawling numerous websites I chose Arbico as it met my requirements for a quiet but powerful gaming machine. The on-site build was the best available and easy to navigate.

The help I received from Farooq and others through the build was invaluable and a few necessary changes were made with an upgraded case, fans and video card. The end result arrived about a week ago and was up and running within a few hours. I had requested a lot of extras; TV USB, 3D screen and specs, blu-ray drives, wireless keyboard and mouse and it all worked straight from the off. Extremely pleased with the whole package and service.

David Love, Ilford
Arbico Phenom 550 Ti - Custom Built SLi Gaming PC

"Over the moon. Again."

This is the fourth computer in a row that my son and I have bought from Arbico and yet again I'm over the moon with it. My son is a software programmer and needs the best he can get to work on. Arbico provides excellent quality and speed of service at a good price. Machines arrive before they're due with everything installed and set up ready to go. The staff are friendly to talk to, both directly and through emails, and the only problem I've had so far turned out to be my own fault and they STILL fixed it. What more can you ask for?
Our latest buy runs smooth and quiet, is a big upgrade from the previous machine, and even looking at the dang thing is a delight. The specifications, the individual parts manufacturers, the build quality - all excellent. They give good advice on 'extras' without pestering you to take it, and are happy to change the listed build to suit the individual customer.
All in all I'm delighted again with Arbico. This latest computer, a Phenom 550Ti SLi gaming machine, is for myself, and now my 26yo son will probably sulk till he gets his turn again.

James Campbell, Motherwell
Arbico Quiet Custom Built Computer

"At last, low cost quiet computing"

Over the last 12 months I have bought two Arbico Quiet Custom Built Computers. They have proved to be excellent products, well built and based upon a well chosen "silent" components. As an experienced computer user and engineer I expected to pay a great deal more for such systems, but I was mistaken and am very pleased with both Intel Sandybridge PCs. Finally, I would add that Arbico Customer Service is second to none. Even the simplest request for additional special Antec silent hard drive screws was resolved quickly and with enthusiasm. Thank you Arbico.



Michael Bailey, Surbiton
Arbico Core i7 6770 Pro - Custom Built Sandy Bridge PC

 "Brilliant Service"

I was hesitant to go down the build a pc route as I am not that confident in getting all the hardware singing and dancing together. When dealing with Arbico Computers I found the process painless. Their site is built to help you get the most out of your build and tells you if items are not companionable. I sent off my order and for me it was a rather large sum of money so I was extremely happy with Arbico's customer service as they sent me status updates during the build of my PC, detailing what testing it is undergoing and if they are having problems.

For me the test went fine and the PC was delivered in tune and on time! I am now rocking out to my new power and have just completed a video edit that has been giving me grief for months on my old PC. I can not rate there service and products highly enough.

Jake Buchanan, Shropshire
Arbico Quiet Intel i321T - Custom Built Sandybridge Computer

"Good value, good service"

I ordered the second-lowest-cost PC from the range of quiet PCs on the Arbico web site. The facilities to customise your order are very clear and comprehensive. I considered lots of custom options and it was very easy to see how much they all cost and what would be provided if I went for them.

The prices of each feature were generally very similar to the cost of buying the individual pieces of equipment from Amazon or similar. Since I'm useless at custom-building PCs, Arbico gave me …

I ordered the second-lowest-cost PC from the range of quiet PCs on the Arbico web site. The facilities to customise your order are very clear and comprehensive. I considered lots of custom options and it was very easy to see how much they all cost and what would be provided if I went for them.

The prices of each feature were generally very similar to the cost of buying the individual pieces of equipment from Amazon or similar. Since I'm useless at custom-building PCs, Arbico gave me the chance to choose exactly what I wanted, without putting a screwdriver through a vital component.

All their communication was prompt, polite, and helpful. The PC arrived after about a week (they had estimated more like 3 weeks) and it was exactly as described, and works really well.

My only problem was that a photo on the site showed the motherboard had a PCI slot (which I needed) - in fact the exact model of motherboard did not have a PCI slot. The model number was correct, and I shouldn't have gone based on the photo. I contacted them about this, and they paid for half of a TV card (which was the PCI device I now couldn't use...).

Excellent service, excellent product.

Andy Balaam, Staines
Arbico AMD 4260 HD - ATI Custom Built Power PC

"Value For Money"

Ordered a Custom Build last month and was quoted 13 working days build time. Item shipped in 8 working days and arrived the following morning. Company kept me informed as to status during the build/test period. Unit has performed flawlessly so far and am extremely pleased with entire experience. Had one occasion to contact their tech support unit and again, service was top notch. I can see why they consistently rate as high as they do in customer satisfaction. Me....another satisfied customer

David Smith, Wirral
Custom Built Gaming Computer

"Fantastic Value for Money"

I ordered a gaming computer from Arbico at the end of October 2011 and the whole process was a dream. Their website was easy to negotiate to find the information I wanted and the sales advisor on the phone was helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. I was kept fully updated on the progress of the building of my machine via email and it arrived on the day I was told to expect it.

I've now had the machine for 3 months and I haven't had a single problem with it. It came exactly as expected, …

I ordered a gaming computer from Arbico at the end of October 2011 and the whole process was a dream. Their website was easy to negotiate to find the information I wanted and the sales advisor on the phone was helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. I was kept fully updated on the progress of the building of my machine via email and it arrived on the day I was told to expect it.

I've now had the machine for 3 months and I haven't had a single problem with it. It came exactly as expected, with the software I had ordered installed in it and only that software. Unlike machines sold on the high street from the 'major' manufactures there was no irritating 'trial versions' of software that is neither needed or wanted, and takes hours to fully uninstall.

All in all I would fully recommend Arbico to anyone looking for a new computer, and will be turning to them the next time I need to replace a machine.

Elizabeth Birchall, South Yorkshire
Custom Built PC

"Excellent customer service and quick delivery"

I would highly recommend these guys. I ordered a new Core i5 desktop PC after browsing the website. Spoke to a customer services guy who gave me some advice on the compatibility issues of the gear I'd selected. Paid for the PC over the phone and and it arrived after 4 to 5 days.

I was up and running within half an hour and it works perfectly. Very satisfied with this purchase.

Chamene Welhengama, Liverpool
Custom Built PC

"Good Experience"

First time buying a custom made computer. Went with Arbico after reading all the positive reviews.

Spoke to them on the phone and got some good advice. They were also open to a little negotiation too on price which is always appreciated!

Computer took 11 days to come, not the quickest but not too long either. Good think was the constant email updates stating the build phase of teh computer, testing of it..etc which is good as at least you know somethings going on and they haven't forgotten!

Computer came super well packaged and was easy to set-up.

The windows CD and product key were missing from the package which was promised over the phone. Sent them an email and received an immediate email back with an apology, the product key and the CD was put in the post. This didn't stop me from using the computer though as you have 30 days to activate.

After sales support was also good. Was called to ask if everything was ok and was offered advice on the best way to hook up my monitor.

Overall extremely happy with the product and company!

Saqib Mughal, Slough
Arbico Intel i5 560 Ti - Sandybridge Next Day Ready System

"Excellent service and great PC"

I was sceptical about buying a custom made PC online. But after taking the leap I went to Arbico computers. As they had an attractive site and easily customisable computers. I went through the process and I was very pleased. There was a couple of hiccupps along the way but were quickly and proffesionally resolved with great communication and advice.

I have a great system that has been put together well with all branded parts. Its an extremely fast and reliable system that looks brilliant also.

The cost is good also, I doubt you could find better offering the services and products these guys do. Like I said, they give you great support and actually reply to your emails and phone calls like others.

Throughout the whole process I felt like a valued customer and I'm extremely happy with the whole round experience. I was dubious but these guys made me feel that what I was spending was very worth it.

I will definetly be upgrading with these guys in the future and be recommending them to friends and family.

Thanks Arbico, a company that actually is bothered about customer service.

Kev, Grimsby
Arbico Silent AMD Athlon Dual Core - Value Custom Built Computer

"PC ready for gaming"

I was searching the internet for a PC which was affordable, good quality, and ready for gaming components. I found Arbico and they seemed to be a very trust worthy company just from the quality of their site, but anyway i bought a PC with, what seemed to be average parts/specification (AMD Athlon Dual Core 3hz, 4gb ram, Asus M5A79L-MLX Motherboard, and a 160gb HDD). So i ordered the PC for around £320 all together i think and I received it within 5 days, which is what i expected as a minimum. The PC was amazing without tweaks and new parts, but as i wanted a computer which was amazing at handling games and video. I bought an Asus GeForce GTX 550 Ti video card for £100 and the computer is amazing. I am so happy with the product and the customer service I received.

Mitch Buckley, Birmingham
Custom Built PC

"Computers and Screens for new Office"

I found the help over the phone useful in selecting the best set up for my company and once the specification was confirmed the order progressed well with me being informed at each stage.
On the second order I was late placing the order, so very appreciative that Arbico pulled out all the stops to achieve my delivery deadline between Christmas and New Year.
I have been happy with the service and prices I have received, and would use the company again.
Good prices, good communication of progress and delivery on time. Excellent.

James Crockatt ,Dartmouth
Arbico Elite i7 3930 MX - Extreme Gaming Custom PC

"So Far So Good."

I ordered a high specification quad SLI gaming PC from Arbico just before Xmas 2011 after being badly let down by a comparatively well known UK firm, which trades on over-clocked machines at keen prices, they failed. Arbico trade on personal customer service and so far they have succeeded.

The PC was delivered by an Arbico technician rather than by carrier, providing peace of mind for me and I suspect Arbico. The PC arrived as ordered and on time (I chose the five-day option) just before Christmas. I was informed of progress during the build and advised correctly on adjustments to the specification, which I changed during the build. The build quality is very good, cables have been routed with care and those components I did not specify are all appropriate and of good quality. I am not used to buying pre-built machines and was a little concerned when I saw the case was sealed, a quick email to and from Arbico reassured me I was able, with prior agreement to add to the build myself without compromising warranty. This seems a sensible rather than restrictive way to proceed. The only fault so far has been with some wireless headphones, a return was agreed without any difficulty, which has saved me the hassle of trying to deal with the manufacturer.

It's difficult to be objective and suggest you spend your money with Arbico based on a single albeit large purchase but based on my experience and that of other reviewers I will certainly be buying from them again and recommend you do too.

Tony Moss, Nottingham
Arbico Elite i7268 HDX - PC Advisor Recommended Power PC

I would just quicly like to thank you guys for the pc you made me a while back. The performance is top notch and my gtx 590 can kill any game on max settings! Your email support was also great, and the delivery was done nice and fast. I highly recommend Arbico to anyone who wants to build a good PC for a good price!

Ben Middleton, Cambridge
Custom Built PC

"Outstanding Service"

I Ordered my PC on the 27th December (lunchtime), discussed minor changes over the phone (no waiting in a phone queue!!)and the PC was delivered on the afternoon of the 30th December.

I was kept informed, via email, on each stage of the process from build and testing to despatch.

PC arrived in excellent condition, well packed.

This is excellent service by any measure and particularly so during the week between Christmas and New Year.

I cannot recommend Arbico highly enough. Superb!!

Paul Saunders, Arbroath
Arbico Elite i7 2657 MX mkII - PC Advisor Best Buy Power PC

"i7 PC, great customer service"

Ordered an i7 PC primarily for gaming for my son's xmas present at the end of November, allowing the 13 days published delivery wait, all OK. Got regular e-mail notifictions of the status of my order which was great. Finally took receipt of the machine on Friday Dec 16th. Unpacked the PC, connected it all up and powered up. All was well, Windows install was validated, internet connectivity, monitor, speakers everything OK, then powered down. Came back to the machine on Sunday Dec 18th and it would not power up, no fans nothing, just a green flashing LED on the MB.

Under normal circumstances, Arbico fix the machine and re-send but as this was for Xmas, they very generously offered to send out a brand new machine at the same time I despatched the faulty one. Received one brand new machine on Wed Dec 21st!

I have to say that I was more than impressed with the way in which they handled this issue. We all accept that things can go wrong but it's the way in which they are handled is the measure of how good the company is and I would have no hesitation in recommending Arbico to anyone who wants a good product backed up by excellent customer service.

Steve Tsoi, Chelmsford
Arbico AMD 4260 HD - ATI Custom Built Power PC


Hard to find fault with this amazing computer! Gaming is a breeze!

I had one issue, my Windows 7 code that was shipped with the computer wouldn't Active so I sent Arbico an Email on the matter. They responded fast. They asked for info on my computer then another fast response contained a new Windows 7 Key! The key worked!

I would highly recommend Arbico to anyone making a first purchase, or even a second or third!

Jack Linford, Grimsby
Arbico Next Day i525K - Quiet Custom Built Gaming PC

"Arbico - highly recommended"

The machine I ordered (10 days before Christmas) arrived quickly, on the date promised, was as described, plenty of information was given via e-mail. Perfect.

I've been buying computers online/by phone since 1992 and this is the first time this has EVER happened.

I can't comment on customer service as I haven't yet needed it, but overall a great machine at a good price with a flawless transaction.

Highly recommended.

Rob Gidney , Shetland
Intel Core i7

"Warranty and After-sales service"

I purchased an Intel core i7 desktop pc from Arbico last June 2011. 2 weeks ago i was having some problems with my video card. The team were extremely helpful with helping me sort out this problem and after some troubleshooting, asked me to send the part in for testing. The part was diagnosed to be faulty and a brand new replacement part was sent. The new hardware works great. I am very happy with the overall support Arbico has shown. Definitely recommendable to anyone who wants all-round quality...

Matthew, Sliema
Custom Built PC

"In three words - Simply the best"

If you want a good computer that is good value for money with a superb support service - go to Arbico Computers. I cannot fault the computer or its makers, it really is the best.

J P Cackett, Knaresborough
Custom Built PC

"Fantastic company - remind me of Evesham in their hayday."

I have bought 2 PC's from Arbico over the last 4 years (my brother also) and have been impressed each time. It's the little things that make the difference... Receiving all the correct manuals and drivers, the orginal OS disc, all extra connectors etc.

The service I have received has always been great and then last month my liquid collant system leaked and killed my machine. Contacted Arbico and they asked for it to be returned, a few emails later (they kept me informed at all times) and I have the PC back. I have had a heatsink and fan fitted (to avoid possibility of repeating the problem) and also a new Mainboard and graphics card - opted to upgrade a 5870 to a 6950 for the price difference and extra warranty). As the warranty was still valid (for only one more month!) they replaced everything that was damaged... this was the mainboard... but further benchmarking and stress testing resulted in the GPU dying too... not only did they go the extra mile and check my hardware properly they also apologised for the extra few days this took. It is, as previously stated, the little things that make the difference and the communication cannot be faulted. Everything happened when they said it would, packaging great, prices stayed the same and staff very helpful (and knowledgable). I actually work in ICT (hardware mainly) and I went with Arbico orginally (1st PC) as it was an award winning rig (PC Review site) AND I could not build it myself cheaper at the time (using Scan and Dabs) for enough of a difference to warrant the headaches that can occur if you hit problems with a self built system. Arbico provide one point of call for warranties which means you just send back to them and they sort it out from there... much easier in the long run.

If you used to like Evesham when they were at their best, Mesh...when they used to be a player then you will love Arbico... they are the best of the three and I have no worries when buying from them. I place a high value on peace of mind, these guys provide that as part of their routine work day.

Top notch.

Paul Briggs, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Arbico Core i7 6770 Pro - Custom Built Sandy Bridge PC

I would like to give a big THANK YOU to everybody at Arbico computers for my new computer.
From the first time I called, they helped me with my component selection, I was informed of all aspects of the build via E-Mail, delivery was the following day, and it was exactly what I wanted.
An EXCELLENT job from start to finish,I would recommend Arbico Computers to anybody
Thank you again.

Arthur Gordon, Bournemouth
Arbico AMD Phenom Quad 945 XL - Phenom PC Package

"First class service from Arbico"

My 10 year old Evesham PC was showing its age so I decided to splash out on a new desktop. Looked at Dell and was unimpressed by the price and relative lack of customisation available. Spotted an Arbico system review in PC Advisor so had a nose about their website and, after two hours of tinkering, ordered an AMD Phenom II X4 955 system with the following spec:

ASUS M5A78L/USB3 motherboard
XIGMATEK GAIA SD1283 CPU cooler and fan
ATI RADEON HD 5670 graphics card
SEAGATE 500GB SATA3 hard drive
AOC 23.6 INCH HD monitor (e2450swda)
WINDOWS 7 Home Premium 64 bit
CIT Storm tower case with 2 ZALMAN quiet case fans

This cost £730 including delivery (£20) and credit card surcharge (£10). Ordered system on Mon evening and received it 8 working days later by courier. During this time, Arbico sent regular order status updates by email together with a dispatch notification (with tracking number) on the eve of the delivery day.

System was very well packed and included the Windows OS on an actual CD (big thumbs up). CIT Storm tower case looks the business and was worth the £20 upgrade. System worked perfectly straight out of the box - quiet and very fast. Nice to receive a brand new PC unencumbered by useless bloatware (another thumbs up). Also very impressed with the AOC monitor - excellent resolution and no dead pixels.

My experience with Arbico was excellent. I'd recommend them to friends and do business with them again.

James Cartwright ,Stamford
Silent PC

"Superb Silent PC"

The silent PC purchased over 2 years ago remains silent and reliable despite 24/7 usage. After opening up the PC for the first time the assembly is tidy and impressive. A brilliant assembled PC!

Chris McCarthy,Colchester
Arbico Intel Pentium G41 LX - Custom Built Office PC Package

"Satisfied Customer"

I have bought home 2 desktop pc's from Arbico because of the brilliant value, excellent and helpful customer service and delivery on time. The first was a high spec suitable for an ICT student and gamer. The second for my home use and I am very happy. it really wouldn't have been worth paying all the extra money for the convenience of a laptop when I could have have twice the goodies with a desktop, and the value from Arbico. When they couldn't supply an item, they upgraded my order and gave me an even better alternative. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Jo Railton, Witney
Arbico AMD Athlon x2260 - Custom Built Home Computer

Dear Arbico,

My PC was received back in good condition as promised on Tuesday 8 November. I have been using it extensively for the past 5 days and can report that everything seems to be working perfectly.

I would like to thank you for the way for way you dealt with my problem.
Your customer service, of which you are justifiably proud, was excellent. I will be recommending your products and services to my family and friends.

Many thanks.

John Whitworth--London
Arbico Phenom 7795 - Quad Core Custom Built Gaming PC

I love the computer, everything works fine after I fixed my networking problems. Its excellent value for money and the customer service was excellent both before and after the sale. I was given thorough updates regarding the delivery aspect and it arrived on the day promised on day 1. Any queries I had about the technical side after purchase were answer concisely and promptly. Your company offers an excellent service and I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a new pc.

O Witham -- Builth Wells
Custom PC

"Great Service"

I've just received my newly built computer from Arbico and they have been fantastic every step of the way.

I don't tend to write reviews, but I was impressed enough to feel that they deserve one. These were the highlights of my experience:

- Top of the line equipment at very competitive prices. This was the reason I considered them in the first place.
- Proactive but not pushy. I saved my initial configuration online and was contacted via email the next day by a very helpful sales rep who went over what I was looking for and provided me with excellent options.
- Impeccable communication. I was informed at every step of the build process. Responses to my emails were always very quick.
- On-time delivery. Early in the process I was given an estimate of what day the computer would arrive at my door, and sure enough, there it was.

Everyone I dealt with at Arbico has been friendly and knowledgeable and I was very happy with the overall experience. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to a friend.


Zac Randles , London
Arbico Core i5 2500 - Quad Core Custom Built Computer

"Value for Money"

Having purchased computers from the well known big retailers in the past I decided to try Arbico after reading many good reviews about them. I knew approximately what I was looking for and what my main needs were so I visited there website and chose a machine, then I rang them for advice and was pleasantly surprised, They went through what I had selected and gave advice on how to get a better performance from the computer to suit the tasks I required from it, and for less money than my original specification. I have had the computer now for six months, it is on every day of the week and runs beautifully doing all the tasks I require of it. I found their service was excellent in every respect, and would most certainly use them again . I was so pleased that when my brother’s old computer stopped working a while ago I did not hesitate in recommending Arbico to him, he now has his new computer and is well pleased with both PC and service.

M Smith,Romford
Arbico Elite i7-2657MX

The ARBICO ELITE-i7-2657MX was placed 1st in “Best Buy” Group Test in the magazine PC ADVISOR.
I purchased the Arbico Elite in June 2011 – very impressive graphics, sound card and no problems moving old programs from XP.
Unfortunately, the CPU failed after 4 months – computer returned to Arbico and the CPU was replaced under the warranty and returned to me in 5 working days.
Great computer with good after service – a good buy in my opinion.

PMG - Amersham
Arbico Intel Pentium G41 LX

"Arbico - The Perfect Computer"

A week or so ago, I was hunting for a computer which would connect to my Internet wirelessly, and be able to work on. Then a friend suggested Arbico Computers. So I visited the website, and finding that I can give a computer what I want and they build it all for me. So I upgraded a computer, and ordered it. Arbico kept me up to date with what was happening via emails, until the day they told me it was to come. It arrived. I set it up, and found out everything was installed for me. I had a brilliant large monitor, a suitable keyboard and a very snazzy mouse, along with some speakers. The software was as good as the hardware, working perfectly. I was able to connect to the Internet and now am well on my way.

Thankyou Arbico Computers.

Dalano Barnes -- Cornwall
Arbico Phenom 7795

"Fantastic Customer Service and Quality Product"

Arbico have been a pleasure to deal with from the start.
Initially my son made a few enquiries as it was he who needed a new pc, and each email was answered efficiently and quickly.
I then went on to place the order, which was acknowledged immediately and we were given the option to make any changes or upgrades before confirming the order.
The order arrived exactly when it should have, and was packaged perfectly keeping the contents very well protected.
We had to make one small enquiry after setting it up and as usual Arbico got back to us within a couple of hours with the solution to our query.
A super company who we wish every success for the future.
We wouldn't shop anywhere else now.

Samantha Cave --- Reading
Custom Built Computer

Many thanks!

The service I have received from Arbico has been consistently excellent - I shall recommend you whenever possible.

Kevin Gwilt --- London
AMD Athlon 4630 - Custom Built Quad Core Package

Excellent company to deal with

New computer arrived on time. Had everything I asked for. Was packaged really well.
Emails were answered promptly. Customer service was top notch, a sales advisor called me the next day to go over my order and allowed me to make some changes that i wanted but couldn't see how to do on the website.
Very courteous company.

Will use them again and will recommend to everybody.

Angela Prabhu ---- BEITH
Arbico AMD 4260 HD - ATI Custom Built Power PC

I started out with one of Arbico's basic model and then tweaked it to my own requirements. The price came in under that I'd found on other sites for a very similar spec. Within a day or so of placing the order, I received a mail pointing out a couple of problems with the tweaks I'd made and included upgrades to the spec as well as some other useful upgrades I hadn't considered.

I was kept informed by mail of the progress of my machine and Arbico were kind enough to rearrange delivery for me, as I wasn't available on their original date.

The PC arrived on the day promised, well packed and all I had to do was plug it in and switch it on.

All in all, an excellent service and I have already recommended Arbico to a friend.

Terry Lewis ---- Basildon Sep 2011
Arbico eXcel i5250 MX - PC Advisor Best Buy Desktop PC

Being a cynic myself, let me make this perfectly clear from the outset - I have no affiliation to Arbico Computers nor any of its staff.  I have received no incentive or encouragement to post this review either financially or by way of free or discounted goods.  I have placed this review purely in the mind that outstanding customer service deserves to be recognised.  I hope you find it helpful:

I finally admitted that I can’t upgrade my 16 year old computer any more to keep it running as smoothly as I would like.  The time had come to purchase or build a new one.  I am not an absolute “techie” but I knew what I wanted and reasoned that I would be able to build my own system cheaper than I could buy one for.  After extensive research, “Arbico Computers” kept cropping up on various review websites  and on respected magazines’ websites such as PC Pro.

The basis for my machine won a “Best Buy” from PC Pro and so I went onto the Arbico Computers site and used their customisation tool to make the changes that I wanted by upgrading some components and adding extras to suit my requirements.  Hesitantly I registered my details with their website to save my configuration and was surprised and relieved that I did not receive any pushy telephone calls or spam emails from them - something that really stood out as recognising that I was still just browsing.

I went away for a few days and priced up how much I could build the same system myself for from the usual cost efficient computer suppliers expecting to save myself a considerable sum but was genuinely stunned that I could not do so.  “Perhaps I could buy the base machine from Arbico and add the upgrades and extras myself cheaper” I thought?  I priced up how much I could do this for and contacted Arbico again with my options and target price.  After a short discussion, they could build precisely the PC that I wanted cheaper than I could either build or upgrade myself.  My order was placed and I was due to receive my custom built PC in a week’s time…………

In four business days, my new PC arrived!! I had received updates during those days advising me it had been built, was undergoing stress testing and was being handed over to the courier and when delivery could be expected.  It arrived safely and securely packaged and had everything I had requested along with all the relevant documentation and support discs - not just one single recovery disc as too many other companies provide.  I had one minor issue in setting it up and so I emailed Arbico my issue.  Within 1 hour of sending the email, they had telephoned me and talked me through precisely what needed to be done having my PC up and running within minutes of them calling.

All in all, I am very, very impressed with both the company itself and all the staff that I have had contact with right through from the initial “just browsing” enquiry, through to the sale, product build, customer engagement, delivery and after-sales service.  They are clearly a company who employs staff with traditional and honest values - they establish precisely what you want and build it at a price that is extremely competitive, even in this economic climate.  As I said, I could not build it myself for what they charged.  Would I buy from them again?  Most definitely!!

Nick Sawbridge --- Plymouth
Arbico Intel i5 6770 Next Day - Ready To Ship Computer


Firstly, apologies for the delay in replying.

This is just a short note to say thank you to both the sales and after sales team at ARBICO.  The service I received from both teams was first class. I’ve never known an aftersales team to answer in 20 seconds which you did on both occasions.  I would thoroughly recommend you and your computers to anyone who asks.

Once more thank you for your efficient and speedy service.

Malcolm Wright --- DARTFORD ----
Custom Built Computer

I purchased a computer from Arbico over a year ago and it's the best machine I've ever had. I've looked long and hard for a good and affordable computer without any luck, until a friend of mine recommended Arbico. I went to their site and I could see the potential straight away, everything about their products is just great even the way the specs are presented noting is hidden you know exactly what you are getting. The customer service are very friendly and flexible. I would recommend their computers to anyone who is looking for an affordable and powerful machine.

Salah Nadir - London
Arbico AMD x2320 PG - Custom Built Dual Core Office Package

"Superb inexpensive machine"

Before I purchased Arbico were extremely helpful in advising on what I needed. They were honest and definitely not pushy. Once I had placed the order their communication was excellent at every stage. The computer was delivered before the date they had given me.

The computer was supplied with a wide screen and Windows 7 operating system.

The machine itself is fast and efficient and is good at multi-tasking (running more than one programme simultaneously. For the price I doubt that it could be bettered. The case is simple in design but has one slightly annoying aspect - a large red light which flashes whilst the computer is running. The cooling fan is on the noisy side but not sufficiently so to be intrusive. The screen supplied is rather basic (what would one expect at the price) but is very clear and effective.

I highly recommend this company and their product.

Custom Built Computer

Value for Money!

The Sydenham office only sold me a computer system suitable for by home needs at a very reasonable price. It was delivered and installed within two working days.

The staff were very helpful and considerate and gave me an honest answer as to the computer equipment, which I needed.

Excellent service!

Philip Watson ---- London
Arbico eXcel i5250 MX - PC Advisor Best Buy Desktop PC

Very professional and helpful

I studied various computer magazines to find a good performance PC that was not too costly. I decided on the Arbico eXcel i5250 MX PC which came highly recommended by PC Advisor. I was also anxious to ensure that I was supplied with a full Windows 7 install disc to recover from any future problems with relative ease and Arbico always supply all installion software.I placed the order over the internet on the 12th July and adopted some suggestions they emailed to improve performance for relatively little extra cost. I also elected to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional. All this was accomplished effortlessly via email and the system was delivered only 8 days later and performed in a faultless manner straight from the box.

I tried to install a new W7 compatible version of Acronis to make an image of the system and the system crashed. I contacted Arbico and they sent me full and clear instructions on how to load a fresh version of Windows Professional from the supplied disc [ how glad I was that they supply all software ]. Everthing went superbly from that point on and all my remaining software is now installed and fully operational. I have used the W7 disc imaging software to keep secure backups at selected stages.

I cannot praise the team at Arbico enough for the excellent support they gave me during this period and would strongly recommend them to anyone thinking of upgrading to a new system.

Dave Savidge ---- Rotherham
Arbico eXcel i5250 MX - PC Advisor Best Buy Desktop PC

My first time dealing with the companyhas been a very pleasant experience. I purchased a desktop computer but forgot to add an item (a second disc drive) I returned to the firm to have the item added and was immmediately struck by the friendlyness and the efficienct way my problem was dealt with Highly recommended and will deal again.

Terry Grumbley ---- Huntingdon
Arbico Quiet H576Q - Custom Built Quiet Computer

"A delighted customer"

I decided to buy a new computer primarily because the system requirements of Photoshop now exceed the performance capability of my old trusty Evesham machine. As that was chosen after reading PC Advisor's reviews some years ago and then proved to be a good choice, I decided to follow PCA's Top 5 listings again. I shortlisted Arbico because of their record of consistent achievement in gaining "Best Buy" and "Recommended" Awards and the positive feedback about their competent and enthusiastic service. I chose the Arbico H576Q because its specification includes a Quad Core Intel i5 processor, more than sufficient memory etc for my needs and quiet-running components; it special offer price also made it a very competitive proposition. When ordering on-line, Arbico came back with some helpful value-adding suggestions. The computer arrived within 10 days of order confirmation. It's been very easy to set up and whilst obviously much faster than the old Evesham, it's also so much quieter. Consequently, I'm a delighted new customer of Arbico.

Arbico Core i5 2500 - Quad Core Custom Built Computer

"Excellent Value, Quality and Service"

The best. --- I own a small business and have regulary purchased PC systems from Arbico over the years. The sales staff really know there stuff and offer recommendations on the PC specs which I found partually usefull. I would have no hesitation recommending Arbico. The whole sales experience has been excellent from the initial phone calls to delivery of the order. I have only ever had to call the technical department once and my query was dealt with immediately and effectively. No negatives.

Custom Built Computer
I emailed arbico after a quick google search for companies that custom build gaming pc's, after emailing them the kind of system i was looking for they got back to me very quickly with a very good, affordable gaming rig. After a few days i rang to make a few changes and got a complimentary case upgrade =)which was fantastic. The guys at arbico were simply brilliant and very customer driven and always prompt to answer emails and queries. Once the system arrived (today 02/06/2011 day of delivery) it was well packed and looked amazing and promptly set up, so far it is running far better than any shop built pc, its quiet, runs amazingly fast and the graphics are simply stunning more over there is no extra stuff installed you get with a shop built pc. In a few simple words arbico computers have have been utterly fantastic and i would and indeed have recommend them to family and friends and i would most defiantly buy from them again.
Ed Burrows - Bristol
Arbico Quiet N95Q - Custom Built Quiet Computer
I have had my new "silent" PC around two months and i would like to say that it has far exceeded my expectations. i play an online game which used to lag and lock up all the time and was so noisy it drove me insane so i was searching the web for quieter fans and components and i discovered you guys so now i have a PC that runs extremely quiet and does'nt irritate everyone else in the house! Brilliant!!

Thanks again!
Paul Hewett --- HARLOW
Arbico Intel i321T XL - Custom Built Sandy Bridge Budget System
Dear Sir,

I would like to commend you on your service regarding the above mentioned order. The items arrived on the designated delivery date, and were extremely well packed and labelled, I was kept in touch with all aspects of despatch, The Computer and components were soon connected, configured and running in short order. The only problem I had was reading the Windows Security to authenticate the Operating System, ( The inclusion of a Windows 7 Disk was a definite plus ). I am very pleased with your whole aspect of Ordering Ė Advising Ė and Forwarding and would unhesitatingly recommend you to anyone thinking of buying a First Class Product at a reasonable price

Tom Connor --- WARRINGTON
Custom Built Computer
Hi Farooq

Just a note to say that, 8 years later (!!) the computer I bought from you is still going strong. The only change I made (some while ago now) was to install some more RAM, so I now have 3GB.

I'm constantly amazed by its speed - I'm always running at least 7 or 8 applications at once and nothing seems to bother it - just needs a restart every few days. I have to put this down to build quality and choice of components by you.

So, thanks again - and feel free to post this as a testimonial on your website.
Andrew Green --Dorset
Arbico Intel i321T XL - Custom Built Sandy Bridge Budget System

Dear Sir,

I would like to commend you on your service regarding the above mentioned order. The items arrived on the designated delivery date, and were extremely well packed and labelled, I was kept in touch with all aspects of despatch, The Computer and components were soon connected, configured and running in short order.

The only problem I had was reading the Windows Security to authenticate the Operating System, ( The inclusion of a Windows 7 Disk was a definite plus ).

I am very pleased with your whole aspect of Ordering - Advising - and Forwarding and would unhesitatingly recommend you to anyone thinking of buying a First Class Product at a reasonable price,

Arbico Photo Edit AMD P840 - Custom Built Editor Computer
Just wanted to let you know this order turned up on time and is fantastic! This is the 4th computer I have had off you and they are all awesome.

Many Thanks
Terry Corrie - Erith
Arbico Intel Core i7 Next Day Gaming PC - Ready To Ship
Hello Farooq,

Within the last hour I finished setting up and installing programs in the computer and am absolutely delighted with it.

As a matter of interest, I am a trustee of the Roy F Burrows Midland Collection Trust www.rfbmidlandtrust.org.uk and I bought this computer to use for the database operated by the Trust. The Trust owns two other computers and when the time comes for their replacement I will have no problem in advising the other trustees to replace them with Arbico units.

I have to say that Iíve been so pleased with the service, attention and equipment Iíve received in my purchase of two computers from you that I recommended a friend to replace his computer with an Arbico. I will be helping him to commission it when it arrives.

Again thank you and may Arbico continue to prosper.

Kindest regards,
Hi guys,

The computer has arrived.

Wow !!!

It is great.

Thank you to the sales guy in Sydenham who helped me get it ordered.

Very smart.

I shall recommend you guys to everyone.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Neil Andrade - Maidstone
Arbico Quiet 2477 PCP - Custom Built PC Pro Computer

I'm not really used to writing positive reviews I think most people don't write them at all, why bother. It's just the bad service that gets us going and prompts a backlash on the company that did us harm. Well, that's not the case here - these guys deserve a praise.

I've researched a fair bit on the net before I decided to hand over about 1000£ to someone else in hope I will get a decent machine. Having seen some reviews on them I have opted for Arbico and it was a good decision. They not only taken the money but advised on which components to chose and how to use the money the best. Admittedly the 1st machine delivered was faulty - the screen surface was badly scratched. I called them straight away, sent some pictures and few days later had my machine up and working.

They give not only good value for the price, but also reasonable and competent customer service that was able to deal with all the trouble quickly and without much hassle. I would honestly recommend them to anyone looking for an affordable machine and decent customer service.

Piotr Rusiecki ---- London
Very fast e-mails responses, very helpful when first building the spec of my PC. I had included some unnecessary upgraded parts which Arbico had said I didn't need as I would not make use of them, now that is good

The date of arrival was spot on and the communication beforehand was excellent. I had a small issue with a part that was damaged in transit and they immediately offered to replace it, free of charge, no questions asked. So that was a welcome relief. The PC has performed very very well and I like it because of the Bullguard antvirus that came with it, so I never need to worry now about attacks. Having bought my previous PC from a well known chain 'World' ! I have to say the difference is like chalk and cheese when it comes to customer care. You should have no hesitation at using Arbico for a major purchase of this type.
Arbico Intel Core i7 Next Day Gaming PC

Here's a company that knows what providing a service means.

What a breath of fresh air it is to find a company that actually provides the ‘full monty’ in dealing with its customers. It is many a day since I’ve experienced such quick, courteous and helpful responses to my queries.

Needing a new computer last January I decided to opt for the recommendation of PC Advisor magazine and purchase a computer from Arbico. Based on other recommendations of the magazine that I had tried successfully before, and although having never heard of Arbico, I was reasonably confident that all would be well. I’m pleased to say that it has been surpassed.

Since buying the first computer and being so satisfied I have now purchased a second unit again experiencing super service and satisfaction. On my recommendation a good friend also bought an Arbico computer and to date is well satisfied.

The computers are built to a high standard and use industry leading proprietary brands for all the components. It’s also a pleasant change to be supplied with all of the original disks of the hardware and software installed.

Mervyn Bryce --- Cheltenham
Custom Built i7 Multimonitor PC - Trading PC
Dear Wilson

So far the PC has been working very well. The i7 is extremely fast, and the extra RAM will allow me to run powerful virtual machines. Iíve also appreciated the quick response of the after-sales service team.
AMD Phenom Six Core Custom Built Gaming Computer
Dear Cameron/ Farooq

I have now set up the machine, so far so good, excellently manufactured, very pleased

Thank You.
Dilip Arya - LEICESTER
PC Advisor Award Winning Custom Built PC -
Hello Farooq

When I bought my PC 3 years ago I decided to follow the recommendation of 'PC Advis0r' rather than buy the conventional thing from the likes of DELL or PC WORLD. I saw that they strongly recommended your PCs and so that is why I opted for an Arbico. When I phoned up to place an order I found the person who dealt with me very helpful indeed and he discussed with me the sort of thing I needed. I think I was probably expecting to take whatever was available, and so I was very impressed with that.

As for the PC itself, I can honestly say that nothing has ever gone wrong with it and so I have never needed to have it repaired! I will say that in the initial stages there were perhaps a couple of things I wasn't sure about or didn't understand because I was quite new to it. On these occasions I did call on you for help, and the help I was given was always excellent. A couple of years ago I found that my PC had, in spite of a Norton security system, picked up some sort of virus, and I contacted you for advice. I was advised (from memory I think it was by Tahir) to re-install my Vista operating system and some very helpful guidance was given to me which enabled me to carry out the task successfully.

I decided to re-install the operating system again this week and all went well apart from the need to reinstate the audio driver. I wasn't prepared to trust the various sites on the internet who offer to download drives or whatever. I knew the safest and securest way was to email you direct and ask you for the necessary assistance. And of course you very promptly and efficiently gave me the help I needed.

I hope these comments have been useful to you.I have often recommended Arbico computers to other people on the strength of my own experience and I would certainly have another one from you when the time comes.

Thanks again for a first-rate service.
Howard Marshall , THETFORD
Arbico Elite i7 9500 HSD - Custom Built Gaming PC
Hi all at Arbico,

I have received my custom built computer and am very pleased with the product, service and prompt response to my enquiries. I will not hesitate to contact you for future upgrades and will certainly be recommending you to my friends, Once again thank you!
G. Baggaley, BARNSLEY
Arbico Elite i7 9240 OCX - Core Overclocked Power Gaming PC

Many thanks, and great work. I am a forensic consultant by trade. The system is very quiet, and so much faster than my previous one!
Lee Quinton , COLCHESTER
Arbico i7950 MX - Core i7 Custom Built Computer
Dear Sir

Further to the e-mails between us: the additional hard drive has been installed and everything is working great - I am very pleased with my computer and the good service that you have provided to me. As my own business involves computer data cabling, we have strong connections in the computer industry, so I will not hesitate to tell my business associates about your company and the high standards of service you offer.

Kind regards.

Barrie Keating, CARSHALTON
Arbico Quiet H576Q - Custom Built Quiet Computer
I have enjoyed a year of faultless and exceedingly quiet performance from my PC. Delivery was exactly as promised (despite distance and very inclement weather).

My computer demands are pretty limited but itís comforting to know that a call to you for advice (Iíve made two in the year) will be answered quickly, and in a very personal and friendly way.

I am grateful to whichever PC magazine I was reading for recommending Arbico Ė I certainly would!
James Watt, Tain
Arbico Quiet 1090T Editor - Thuban Video Edit System
Hi Farook

I remain very impressed with the PC and the solid state storage is fantastic - i appreciate your advice re getting the faster one! Also appreciated the ease with which i could fit an addiional hard drive thanks to technical team positioning the extra power cable for me .... so much was good about your service i really wanted to be able to recommend you to friends and use you again .. and that is now the case ..... i am increasingly biased towards companies with excellent customer service.

Thanks for checking in with me.
Arbico Intel Core i3 Next Day Custom PC - Ready To Ship

I would just like to say I am very impressed with the service / cost / performance with all my dealings with Arbico Computers over the last couple of weeks.

Thanks again, and hopefully I can put some more business your way over the coming year.

Kind Regards
Mark Bailey, North Baddesley
Arbico AMD Athlon Dual Core Value Custom Built Computer
Dear Mr Ahmed.

I thank you kindly. Again my thanks and appreciation to you and your company.
Arbico Intel Core i7 Editor - Custom Built Video Edit PC
Hi Farooq,

I have been steadily adding back programmes and hardware devices that I use onto my new computer. I have been very impressed with it.

I plan to do a few timed software jobs and let you have the results for your interest. I am astounded by the processing speed of this machine using Nikon's ViewNX editing software. My old machine would labour for minutes to edit a single RAW image in this software and would curl up and die if I tried to do a batch edit. This new machine will batch edit amazingly fast. (I will put a stop watch on it and report back with actual times). Similarly, my old machine would really struggle with Photomerge in Photoshop Elements 7 (and would sometimes just give up). I challenged the new machine to merge 7 images into one. It did take a few seconds to compete, but it did it with no problem. This machine is going to reduce the amount of time I spend editing photographs by a huge amount (or give me time to do more!!!).

So, at the moment, I am generally very pleased.
Peter Brooks, Devon
Arbico-i3 5500 XL - Custom Built i3 Budget PC
Hello Farooq

Just writing to say, I am totally satisfied with my Arbico computer and the after sales response is completely unbeatable.

W. McGhee, Inverurie
Custom Built Gaming Computer

So far the PC I bought from you last year is running fantastic, no problems at all. I've already upgraded it slightly myself, notably the graphics card. As for the customer support, you are doing a amazing job. By far the best I've seen from any company.

Thanks again for all of the support.
Callum T-C, Bridge Of Weir
Featured Deals - Custom Built Computer*
Hi Alan here! Just wanted you to know that the PC was perfect and all your staff was very helpful. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family (my mum says she is going to get one from you XD) Anyway thanks a lot for the great customer service and good delivery time.

Thanks again!
By, Alan Thompson, London, UK
Arbico OC 2667A - Custom Built Overclocked Gaming PC

Hello there! Now the Christmas and New Year festivities have finished, I finally have chance to put fingers to keyboard and say how impressed I am with the product and service I received from your company. I must say I was a little anxious about handing over my money without seeing the goods or ordering from you before, but thankfully those concerns were completely unfounded. Please pass on my thanks to everybody concerned, everything you said you would do has been done and I find myself with an excellent machine, the spec I chose and all at a very affordable price I will definitely be ordering again from you in the future (although that might be sometime as this computer should keep me going for ages!)

Thank you very much.

Kind regards from a very satisfied customer

Mr. Roy Morley, Gloucester, UK
Extreme Gaming PCs - Custom Built Computer*
Hi, Just letting you know that the computer arrived safely. I have used the key from a new copy of XP Home I had by me. The computer works fine and My Son is over the moon he can now run his games with the features set at Max.

Many thanks.
By, Mick Hoult, Leeds, UK
Arbico OC 8400 XL - Overclocked Custom Built Computer*
I am very pleased with my new computer, working and it's looks.

Many thanks

I shall certainly be dealing with you again in the future
By, Sheila Fowler, London, UK
Professional PCs - Custom Built Computer*
Hi, Sorry to be brief but Iím late for work! Ali was superb today on the phone and my machine is now behaving as it should (works in SLI mode).

Thanks very much for your help, Iím very pleased with my purchase and I will be spreading the word about your company.

Chris Owen, London, UK
Arbico OC 4850A XFire - Custom Built Overclocked Base Unit PC
Thank you for a very swift service and great communications/customer service!! Highly recommended to my mates already!

Thanks again!
By, Charles, London, UK
Arbico Silent Intel Core 2 Duo Performance - Custom Built Computer
Hi, I spoke to Cameron in your tech department on Monday. He was very helpful.

Thank you so very much for sorting out this little problem. It was a pleasure to deal with such a professional company and I will gladly recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

By, Ian, London, UK
Arbico Silent Intel Core 2 Duo Value - Custom Built Computer
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help and assistance you have provided throughout my purchase. You are very helpful and always respond to queries regardless of their nature, the assistance you provide is both informative and helpful.

I thank you once again.

Kind regards,
By, Brett, London, UK
Arbico Silent AMD Athlon Value - Custom Built Computer*
Hello, very pleased with the computer and the service from you, it arrived on the day you promised and worked straight from the box.

thanks alot!
By, Robert Charlesworth, UK
Arbico Silent 6880GT Custom Built - PCW Gaming PC
Just wanted to thank you for my recent purchase.I am so pleased with both the system, and the delivery time, that I would recommend you to anyone.It has been a pleasure dealing with you.

Thanks again!
By, Dave Whieldon, UK
Arbico Pro Phenom AM2+ Quad Core Custom Built Computer
Hi Tahir, the PC arrived this morning. Thank you very much for your service, everything is up and running. I will definitely return to you as a customer when I upgrade and tell everyone I know about how good your service is.

By, Andrew Cossins, London, UK
Arbico Pro Intel Core 2 Duo Custom Built Computer
Many thanks for your excellent level of service, I received the PC as promised and I would like you to know that I am delighted with your professional and helpful attitude when dealing with my order.

Thanks again for your help!
By, Steve Norfolk, UK
Arbico Performance Athlon 64 Custom Built Computer
Thanks, itís arrived now and working well, it looks great! thanks for your good customer support
By, Adam Whalley, Wallingford, UK
Arbico Performance Pentium D Custom Built Computer
Hi, I bought a computer from you about a month ago. I just wanted to acknowledge that I received it on-time and fully working. I am very impressed with the PC, it was great value and the service was excellent. I have already recommended you to several people and I will certainly use you again in the future.

Thanks very much, keep up the good work
By, Gareth Dobson, Potters Bar, UK
Arbico Value Athlon 64 Custom Built Computer*
Just like to thank you for an excellent computer. It arrived on time and worked straight from the box without issue. My son and I are now playing our games like they were meant to be played. You have made a 14 year old (and a 45 year old) very happy.

I will definitely return to your shop in the future.

Thanks again
By, Jim Kingsbury, Swansea, UK
Arbico Value Intel Pentium D Custom Built Computer

Hello, just a thank you for building my new custom pc.. wow I am so impressed! Great value for money for such a high end spec with quality components. I just plugged it in, installed latest drivers and vista updates.. no problems at all and it sure does perform ! A great professional job guys and girls.. Recommend u to anyone

By, Jon Leavitt, Yeovil, UK
Arbico Value E2200 - Custom Built Computer
Dear Arbico, I just wanted to write to say thank you for the PC that was delivered last week. The new PC with exchanged motherboard is working perfectly and is great to use - very fast, really nice PC.

Again my thanks for your support and for the provision of an excellent product

Kind regards!
By, Paul Aylott, Alton, UK
Arbico QC 8200 GT - Custom Built Power PC
Hi Arbico! Goods arrived yesterday, very well packed and in A1 condition. Everything up and running just fine Thank you for the excellent service. I can't wait to recommend you when I'm asked for a computer supplier!!

Thanks again
By, Richard Lawes, Maidenbower, UK
Arbico Elite 4685 Pro - Custom Built PC
Received my computer, great machine.

Thanks again
By, Neil Pamplin, Norton, UK
Performance PCs - Custom Built Computer*
Hi, I am writing this on my new Cool master Elite 330 ATX which I am delighted with. I ordered many changes and mods and was pleased to find everything had already been loaded and once plugged in set up perfectly. All parts feel quality and the PC flies! Even the delivery was when you said.

Many thanks for a fantastic PC!!

By, Jon Cottrell, Moelfre, UK
Just a quick email to show my appreciation of your companies on time delivery and great speed, quality and looks of the Elite 8500GTS computer you constructed for me. I am sure we will have years of work use and fun from your machine. Please feel free to inform me if there may be add ons to extend our enjoyment in the future.

Thank you
By, D. C. Brown, Bristol, UK
Arbico Elite 4870 - Custom Built Gaming PC
Thank you for the prompt service. The computer is all I hoped it would be and was delivered ready for immediate use.

By, Richard Thomas, Bridgend, UK
Arbico Elite 4850 - Custom Built Gaming - PC Advisor Best Buy PC
Hi, my new computer arrived safely and so far has been easy to set up and works beautifully.

Thanks you

Kind Regards
By, Robin Saunders, Wallington, UK
Value PCs - Custom Built Computer*
Many thanks for the service. The computer was bought as a gift and my son is over the moon with the quality of your product.

Kind Regards
By, Steve Coley, Shrewsbury, UK
Arbico QC 8200 GT - Custom Built Power PC
I recently purchased my machine from a london based firm, Arbico. They specialise in building performance computers while keeping prices down. And overall, I'm very impressed. I bought the 8200 GT, and not only extremely aesthetically pleasing, it was phenomenally cheap. Just letting you know in case you're looking for a new computer. The site is www.arbico.co.uk Take a look
By, Jamesy, Oxford, UK
Arbico Stealth 9550 Pro - Custom Built PC Deal
Hi, thanks for the e-mail, a quick reply with the right solution. I plugged the monitor into the graphics card instead and everything works perfect. So I'd like to leave some good feedback. I was impressed with the delivery time and your efforts to sort out the small problem I was having as soon as possible, some companies would take days to reply. I've recommended your company already to a few people. I couldn't find anywhere else cheaper for the quality and hi end specs your computers have to offer.

Many thanks
By, David Nevison, Halifax, UK
Arbico OC 280 GTX - Custom Built Gaming Computer
Hello, Thanks for the email. I can confirm that I received the computer this morning. All is working fine and it was very easy to set up.

Thanks a lot for the service, I'm very impressed and will be recommending your website and company to all my friends and family, as well as using you for future computers I will be buying.
By, David Nuttall, Blackburn, UK
Arbico Elite 8400 OCX - Overclocked Custom Built Computer
Hi, Just wanted to express my thanks for the great service I received during and after the purchase of my new PC from Arbico. The computer itself is first class and it is a pleasure to use. An absolute bargain to have this spec at such a price.

Once again many thanks and I will be sure to spread the word
By, Neil Mccafferty, Livingston, UK
Arbico Elite 8070 EX - Custom Built PC Advisor Gold / Best Buy PC
Hello, I just wanted to write and say how pleased I am with my computer that I recently purchased from you. Everything was first class including the friendly and helpful service. There was no problem when I rang and asked for the specification to be changed and delivery was quick. The computer is working perfectly and was exactly as described. I'm writing this so that you can include this in your customer feedback so that potential customers can buy with confidence. It's nice to do business with an up and coming company that deserve support and praise.

Thank you
By, Keith Riley, Hunts Cross, UK
Hi, thank you for your brilliant service. I couldn't be happier with my new computer. It is brilliant.

Thanks again!
By, Natalie Partridge, Ammanford, UK
I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service you provide. The components have all been top notch choices, the shopping and shipping process was pain-free, the customer care extremely good and overall attention to detail brilliant.

Thank you.
By, Gina Bullis, Crediton, UK
Arbico 8570 OCX - Overclocked Extreme Gaming PC*
Hi, Just to let you know that my PC arrived as scheduled on the 28th. So far I am very pleased with it and would like to congratulate you on your excellent service to date.

Thanks again.

Best Regards,
By, Keith Abbott, Poole, UK
Arbico Elite 8630 Pro - Custom Built Power PC
Order received in good condition; PC now all set up and running.

Many, many thanks for your excellent service.
By, Nick Langford, Waterlooville, UK
Dear Arbico, A short note to say how very pleased I am with my new Silent PC. It is very quiet, very well put together and very fast! I would certainly recommend your company to anyone looking for a high quality machine and excellent personal service.

Many thanks!
By, Chris Carvell, Whitby, UK

Hello Arbico, My son came over on Christmas Day and set up the new computer for me and it is excellent.

Thank you very much.

I can't believe how fast it is compared with my old one. I will be able to web cam with my family which is great.

Kind regards,
By, Elaine Balmer, Woking, UK
Hi, Just a quick email to say how impressed I am with the computer system - great quality and excellent value. I wish your company continuing success.

By, Dr. David Lloyd, Blackburn, UK
Arbico CD 8850 XL - Custom Built PC Advisor Recommended PC
Hi, I just want to send a quick email to thank you for the pc. It arrived safely and works brilliantly. All the best for the future
By, Will Bull, Faversham, UK
Hi, received my new PC and it is working great.

By, Mike Taylor, Tarporley, UK
Arbico Value Package Custom Built Computer
Dear Farooq, I recently purchased a pc from Arbico and I am very satisfied with the product thus far. I said at the time that I would probably like to purchase a second computer shortly afterwards. All being well, I would like to be able to order something similar online and pay by bank transfer an on the previous occasion. Best wishes
By, David Bodian, Watford, UK
Hello Tahir, Thank you. Your suggestion that a hard drive connection may have become loose during transit was spot on. It wasn't the SATA data cable - which I found to be secure - but the SATA power cable, which was completely adrift. The bundle of wires making up the SATA power cable is, of course, quite heavy and it's easy to see how a few big bumps during transit could disconnect it from the hard drive. With power restored to the hard drive, the machine is now up and running, and we are well pleased.

Thank you, by the way, for customizing the Windows "names" as requested. In the case of the machine I purchased from you last year, everything went right first time. This time, with my son-in-law's machine, the courier has caused us all some problems. So, Arbico's customer support has been put to the test on this occasion, and found to be excellent!

Best regards,
By, Mike Smith, Wolverhampton, UK
Dear Sir/Madam, I am pleased to inform you that I have taken delivery of the computer. It is a fine machine.

Thank you again for your excellent service.
By, Gerard Volo, London, UK
Hello, I am extremely happy with my PC, on booting up everything is very fast, the build quality is excellent and it looks great. With my broadband speed of around 5mbps downloads are quicker than anything I've had before, so that's good.

Many thanks.
By, Jay Weir, Leeds, UK
Arbico Hot PC Deals - Custom Built Gaming Computers
Hello Tahir I am very glad now to be able to say that my computer sound is restored again, and I am writing to thank you for the great effort you made on my behalf; I am also grateful for the technical assistance I received from your colleague over the phone. I can now say that the problem I had after you sent me the link and also the means to open the zipped file was of course a simple one. I thought it was just a matter of opening the file, but now I see that I needed to open the file and use the Installation Wizard provided within it to get it to work on my computer. Which I have now done, and so all is well. However this incident has given me the opportunity to say how glad I am that I followed the recommendation of PC Advisor and bought an Arbico computer. It is now almost two years old and never has it given me any trouble. As I said earlier, this recent set-back was all my own fault, but it has demonstrated how good you are at helping customers when they are in trouble. Somehow I feel that if I had bought my computer at PC World, or the like, they would not have taken the same trouble over me as Arbico have, and it is a recommendation I will pass on to others.

Many thanks again and all good wishes!
By, Howard Marshall, Thetford, UK
Arbico CD 8465 EX - Custom Built PC Advisor Recommended PC
Just to let you know. The computer arrived yesterday and is now set up and works brilliantly.

Many thanks indeed.

Best regards,
By, John Bleeker, Andover, UK
Arbico Custom Built Computers
Over the past three years, I have purchased 5 PCs from Arbico for myself and family members with no issues whatsoever. They have always arrived on time and been easy to setup/load O/S Etc,... and no comebacks in the time I have used them A +++

Best regards,
By, Richard Preece, Gwent, UK
Arbico Value Athlon 64 Custom Built Computer
Hi, Many thanks for your prompt build and dispatch of the Value PC which I received this morning - all looks very nice and the process has been fantastically straight forward.

With many thanks.
By, Rupert Porter, Altrincham, UK
Arbico QC 8200 GT - Custom Built Power PC
Tahir, Just a quick note to say thanks for fixing my pc yesterday. I turned up unannounced, yet you spared the time to look at the problem, fixed it, and with an upgraded graphics card as well! Customer service at its best.

By, Andrew Rolph, OUTHEND-ON-SEA, UK
Arbico CD 8850XL - Custom Built PC Advisor Best Buy PC
Hello all at Arbico, its been a couple of weeks now since I picked up my Arbico p.c from your workshop in London and its been touble free, I must congratulate you on your customer service, you had loaded my software for me so that I could see it operate in the shop, and due to that fact found my monitor not functioning and was quickly found another, a recommendation to all future customers-have a pixel check done on your monitor, a minor cost for peace of mind, had upgrades to hardware at shop and also upgraded parts over the phone, pleasant and knowledgeable people to talk to, I fully recommend them.

Best Regards
By, Chris Barraclough - Southampton
Arbico 7469 XL - Custom Built Gaming PC
The pc which I've had a few months is incredibly good - performance and monitor outstanding for the money. A joy to use after 3 previous pcs from other suppliers. I've discovered the hard drive is divided into local C and new volume D. I've not had this before. What does it mean? Your information will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
Arbico CD 8467 XL - Custom Built PC Advisor Best Buy PC
Hi, PC now received in good working order.

many thanks for on time delivery.
Arbico Athlon x4620 XL - Custom Built Computer
Afternoon all, I would just like to say a massive "THANK-YOU" on behalf of my Granddad, who's PC it was. He is very happy with you guys and will be recommending you to his friends.

Many thanks also from me!
By, Carl Horn - Chatham
Arbico Performance Athlon 64 Custom Built Computer
Hello, Computer and Speakers all arrived OK.

Many Thanks, for the great service received. Will recommend to friends and colleagues in the future.
Rory Patterson - Darlington

Dear Arbico, Over a year ago I purchased one of your systems and it has been fantastic. It's performed brilliantly and I have had very little trouble with it. I am thinking of upgrading my Graphics card, would you be able to recommend what would be best for my system and what power supply cable i would need? I am mainly after enhancing my gaming experience (specifically with FPS style games). I'd very much appreciate any help or advice you could give me. Otherwise I have been extremely happy with the system, and I am very happy to have been an Arbico customer.

Many thanks.
Richard Sheehan - SUTTON COLDFIELD
Arbico Value i7 Gamer - Custom Built Gaming Computer
Hi, First of all I'd like to say thanks for your excellent service regarding e-mail updates on the PC's build and shipping process. PC received yesterday thanks. Thanks also for the excellent / speedy service! It's unusual in this day and age to have this level of customer care.

Arbico Phenom 5570 HD - Phenom Package PC Advisor Recommended PC
Just to say that my PC arrived on Monday and I'm more than pleased with the build quality and the running of my new PC.

Thank you very much for your excellent service and attention to detail.
Denny Tuckerman - Sheffield

Hi, Thanks very much for your prompt response. The SATA data cable arrived this morning and I have installed it. My external esata drive is now working perfectly. I have been very pleased with my Arbico computer and can now say that your after-sales service is also excellent. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to any friends, family or colleagues who are planning to buy a PC.

Thanks Again!
Michael Houston - Midlothian
Arbico Elite P2955 XL - Custom Built PC
Hi, Thank you for the fast reply. Your company have offered me absolutely brilliant customer service from the word go
Dan Warrilow - BIRMINGHAM
Arbico Elite 9590 HD - Multi Task PC Package
Having just received my new machine from you, I just thought I would send you the first email from it! Can I thank you for what, so far, seems to be a superb, quiet and very fast system Ė I still need to get to grips with the finer points of Windows 7, but that will come in time! I will certainly recommend you if at all possible.

Kind regards.
George Boyeldieu - SUTTON
Arbico Silent Intel Core 2 Duo Performance - Custom Built Computer
Hi Guys and Girls, I have everything installed of mine and it all works excellently - so nice not to have the row that the previous machine used to make!

Many thanks.
Steve Doubleday - AYLESBURY
Arbico Quad i5748 XL - Quad Core Base Unit Computer
Thanks, That is an extraordinarily good natured reply.

Thanks! I will do this over the weekend and let you know if I have any problems. So far this computer is performing brilliantly.

Thanks again.
Colin Bond - Cardiff
Arbico Silent Core i5 Performance
Order arrived safely this pm as predicted and despite heavy snow up here. I much appreciate the way your e-mails have kept me informed throughout the process and look forward to putting it through its paces.

With thanks,
James Watt - TAIN
Arbico HD 7090 Pro - Custom Built PC Advisor Recommended PC
Hi all, Received goods with thanks. Excellent service, I would not hesitate to recommend Arbico to anyone wishing to buy on line.

Arbico 7469 XL - Custom Built Gaming PC
Received my PC today, thank you very much. All running lovely, can't believe the difference to my game play and FPS. Your communication and service were amazing, 100% be buying another one for my lady very shortly. Once again thank you so much, a top recommendation to all my gaming pals and clan.

Kindest regards!
Ian Pyne - POOLE

Hello there :) First of all i would like to congratulate you all, and thank you for your excellent quality of service and for the first time as a customer I feel respected and acknowledged. I will definitely be recommending you to freinds. Your technical support line is fantastic. All thanks to a man i spoke to called Ali - He was very informative on what i had to do
Nigel Tanswell - FERNDOWN

Dear Arbico, Just a short message to say thanks for the great service provided to me! The computer you advised me to buy is fantastic and is not only great value but of an exemplary build quality for £500 and comes with a 2 year guarantee! I liked the way the salesman advised me what get based on my needs, not on the need to sell me a more expensive option (unlike some other companies). From this experience I would have no hesitation in advising others to try your company. 5 Stars!!! Best wishes to your company and staff

Pete Milthorpe - GOOLE
Arbico Value Intel Pentium D Custom Built Computer
Hi Arbico I just wanted to drop you an email to say what brilliant service I have had from yourselves. The Order website was easy to understand, the constant emails updating me on the status of the order was very good. The PC + monitor arrived today, very well wrapped up, plugged it in and everything I had asked for had been done.. You shall certainly have repeat business from me and I am more than happy to recommend you.

Jon Gutteridge - Leeds
Arbico HD 7577 XL - Core i5 PC Advisor Best Buy PC
Hello! I have deliberately left a month after buy a PC. As someone who regularly experiences incompetent, uncaring and wholly unsatisfactory service from companies who really should know better. I am very pleased to commend Arbico, its product and service. The PC is a joy, and looks to have been very solidly and carefully constructed. I very much appreciated the regular e-mail updates on progress after ordering, and must urge you to ensure you maintain your standards.

Thank you.

Arbico Athlon x4620 XL - Custom Built Computer
Hello! Thanks ever so much for the PC, its works like a charm.

Thanks again.
Simon Morris Ė Swansea
Arbico Silent i3 - Core i3 Custom Built Compute
Hello Arbico Computers provided me with the high spec quiet PC that I had been searching for. I am very happy with their product and customer service and recommend them without reservation.

Steve Walker - Bookham, Surrey
Arbico Quad i5748 XL - Quad Core Base Unit Compute
Hi Arbico I've had my new computer for just over a month now and I thought I'd drop you a line to tell you how pleased I am with it. It's worked like a dream from the first moment it was switched on, is whisper quiet and very fast. I am very impressed with the tidy layout and general build quality. I am also very please with the fact that you supplied the computer when you said you would and that you kept me informed whenever a new stage in my order was reached. I can't think of anything at all to complain about! So thank you very much - if anyone I know needs a new computer, I know who to send them to!
David Thorpe - Forfar
Arbico AMD Phenom Quad 945 XL - Phenom PC Package
Hi, I purchased a superb computer from you after taking helpful advice from one of your knowledgeable team and I am very happy with my purchase. However I am concerned about the build-up of an excessive covering of dust within the computer which now needs cleaning. I have telephoned to ask what to do and am therefore emailing to request permission to open the case and carefully clean away the dust.

Many thanks!
Steve Joul - LEEDS
Arbico Silent Intel Core i7 - Custom Built Computer
Dear Andy, I received my new PC from Arbico yesterday afternoon, the 8th business day from ordering late afternoon on the 11th June. It was very well packed together with the discs and manuals etc. I noticed a couple of issues when I was running it last night and I spoke to Ali in Technical Support this morning. He handled my queries very well being both courteous and helpful. I was given permission to open the case to check connections and this was confirmed by e-mail straightaway that this would not void the warranty, One of the memory modules had come slightly unseated and one of the fan cables had become detached from the motherboard. With Ali's guidance I was able to sort these issues out and all is now in order. I am very pleased with my purchase from Arbico, the specification options and price were very good, I have been kept informed of the build progress all along, delivery was as advised at the outset and my experience today with Ali confirms to me that I made the right decision about using Arbico for my new PC.

Many thanks,

Kind regards.
John Hill - Wokingham
Arbico i7 920A - Custom Built Base Unit Computer
Hello Tahir! Thanks for your prompt response. So far, it's all looking good and dealing with Arbico has been a pleasant experience!

Mike Baldwin - UCKFIELD
Arbico Elite i7597 OCX - Core Overclocked Gaming PC
Hi, Many thanks for putting together a specification that appears to suit my needs perfectly, the new computer is up and running and is working great.
Mark Curtis - ST. AUSTELL
Arbico Value Intel Pentium D Custom Built Computer
Dear Sir/Madam, Today I received my new computer from you. It works perfectly fine and I am very pleased with it all. I activated Windows and it is all running smoothly
Simon Byrne - NOTTINGHAM
Arbico OC i3770 HD - Overclocked Power Gaming System
Dear Sir, Just to report that the machine arrived in very good time which we were pleased with. I chose Arbico for Dr O'Donnell's machine for the following reasons. PC Advisor Awards. It seems that you use good quality components and particularly good quality PSUs. I figured that an upcoming small company like yourself, would want to fiercely preserve it's good reputation so would not cut corners. So far, it seems my decision was completely justified and we are very pleased with the machine. All in all, a great machine for the price. Good luck for the future Arbico.

Warm regards!
Arbico AMD Phenom Quad 945 XL - Phenom PC Package
Hi Cameron, First I'd like to thank you for the wonderful customer service I have had from you and Arbico Computers since I first ordered a PC back in January. The service has been excellent and I would recommend it to anyone. I have found out, however, that the ram is not the problem with my pc as I had originally concluded. The problem was all down to a faulty USB extender that I had plugged into the back of my computer, and it is now all working perfectly again. I apologize for any inconvenience I have caused and would like to thank you again for helping me with sorting out this issue.

Tim Galbraath - Westhil

Hello Farooq, Wow! I can understand why Arbico have received top awards from PC Advisor magazine. I was not expecting any follow up to my request, so to get a response within hours and then for that to be followed up is quite simply amazing. I have considered your quotation, but I have 'tweaked' it a bit and I am currently waiting for a more computer literate friend to review it for me, so thank you but no I will not be proceeding with your quote. I will however, be placing an order with Arbico, just as soon as my friend has replied.

Thank you,

kind regards.
A W - Requested a quote
Arbico x2840 HTPC - Custom Built Home Theater PC
Got my new Arbico media PC on Friday. Just wanted to say thanks for the good service I have received so far. It was in stark contrast to the miserable service I received from another company (I had to do a charge back in the end when they hadn't delivered my PC or given me a refund after a month),

best regards!
Andy Brice - SWINDON
Arbico Silent Core i5 Performance - Custom Built Silent PC
The computer you built for me is up and running, no problems at all.

Many thanks for the thoughtful service,
Nigel Meager - NORWICH
Arbico Intel i5 4670 - Free Delivery Ready To Ship PC
Dear all, Many thanks for the prompt and professional service, it's good to see some companies still believe in good/excellent customer service. I wish you all well for the future.

Kind regards.
Phillip Edney - CROYDON
Arbico AMD x628 XFire - Power Gaming Base Unit PC
To Arbico Team, I recieved my new custom gaming PC and after staring at it for around half an hour in amazement i suddenly realised that i hadnt yet given you the praise you deserve on the fine work you've done. The computer itself looks absolutly amazing. And the inside looks equally amazing. It seems obvious to me that you spend just as much time making the interior of the computer looks just as presentable as the exterior. It runs absolutly perfectly. In my personal opinion, and im sure other customers will agree, your service has been second to none. You have definatly made me a happy chappy and i intend to recommened you to anyone i find in need of services like yours. Top marks from me, Best of luck
Luke Standen --- SMETHWICK
Arbico i7 920A - Custom Built Base Unit Computer
Hi I've been using my Arbico Intel Core i7 desktop for about six weeks now and I am pleased to report that I'm very impressed with it! The whole experience of buying from Arbico was problem-free, with excellent customer service - any questions were answered promptly and the PC was delivered on the date promised. I have no hesitation in recommending Arbico
Mike Baldwin --- UCKFIELD
Arbico Phenom x4985 XL - Quad Core Custom Built PC
Hello just to say my PC arrived at 8am yesterday so I was very pleased with that, and my kids are more than happy with the Pc so a very big thank you for all your help and prompt replies that kept me updated all the way, I would highly recommend your company !!
Regards Julie McLorie - ANDOVER
Arbico i7 9250 XL - Multi Core PC Advisor Recommended PC

Hi Farooq, Well the dust has settled after the birthday deadline and I can now say a word of thanks. Your delivery of the ATI 5770 and the gift arrived in good time and everything worked fine after fitting. Both I, and my daughter and partner, are thrilled with the new PC. But I am even more pleased in that all the guys in Arbico who looked at my queries and took the time and attention to resolve/answer every point raised. This level of commitment to a customer is rare these days.


Colin Collins - GLOUCESTER
Arbico AMD Phenom 955 XL - Quad Core Custom PC
Hi, have now had an opportunity to set up the new PC after your early delivery.

Thank you,

Everything fine and pleased with the purchase. Great service, and I will recommend you to friends/relatives contemplating a new PC purchase
Steve Leyman - BICESTER
Arbico Quad i5748 XL - Quad Core Base Unit Computer

Just a quick line to say my new PC is working wonderfully! I was delighted with the way my requirements were listened to by Mr Cameron, and the help and advice I was given, the speed of delivery and the way the after-sales queries I had were dealt with. I was also very pleased with the communication regarding the progress of my order. I'm sure this PC will see me fine for several years, but I'll certainly come back to Arbico if and when my PC requirements change.

Many thanks!

F. Anderson - ASHFORD
AMD Athlon Dual Core Value Custom Built Computer
I just wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did on my client - Andrew Manning's new computer, delivered last week. It was a joy to configure ................ I shall ensure that when another client needs a new system. I will recommend Arbico.

Best regards,
Custom Built Quiet Media Centre PC
Having tried several times to find a reputable company to build a PC for me and been let down every time. Warning people, there are some crooks out there who take your money with no intention of building a machine for you. I decide to try Arbico, all I can say is "Absolutely great" Good communication, a estimated delivery date and updates along the way. Result, a PC delivered on time and to spec. From my experience of the companies out there who claim to build PC's choose Arbico and you won't be disappointed.
Arbico Intel i5 4670 - Free Delivery Ready To Ship PC
Hello, Just want to say thank you for the PC its amazing. For the price paid you wouldn't get anywhere near the quality and performance from a high street model.

Thanks once again!
David Bolderson - NEWCASTLE
Arbico Elite i7 9500 HSD - Custom Built Gaming PC
I would just like to say how pleased I am with the PC I have just purchased from you. Both the quality of the product and the customed service have been outstanding. I would have no hesitation in using your company again and I would recommend you to anybody thinking of purchasing a computer.
Philip Webb --- SLOUGH

Arbico AMD Phenom Quad 945 XL - Phenom PC Package

Hi Cameron,

First I'd like to thank you for the wonderful customer service I have had from you and Arbico Computers since I first ordered a PC back in January. The service has been excellent and I would recommend it to anyone. I have found out, however, that the ram is not the problem with my pc as I had originally concluded. The problem was all down to a faulty USB extender that I had plugged into the back of my computer, and it is now all working perfectly again. I apologize for any inconvenience I have caused and would like to thank you again for helping me with sorting out this issue.
Tim Galbraath - Westhill

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