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Best Budget Desktop PC

Even in this day of laptops, netbooks, tablets and smart phones, for certain uses the desktop PC is still the only way to go.

Hard core gamers know that the best gaming laptop lag behind even mid-range gaming PCs when it comes to actual in game performance. Day traders are aware that even the most powerful laptop cannot provide satisfactory performance when outputting to a multi-monitor setup. Similarly a video editing workstation can vastly outperform any mobile device.

The fact is that for specialized CPU or graphics intensive tasks, desktop PCs are capable of outperforming mobile devices which cost between two to four times and it is quite obvious that for such tasks a desktop computer is still the only real choice.

Arbico Computers are a custom built PC specialist with over 17 years’ experience and many thousands of satisfied customers. We specialize in selling specialized PCs for a wide range of uses from extreme gaming PCs to multi monitor computers. We also sell video workstations, media PCs and for those for whom noise is an issue, we have a quiet PC (and yes even a silent PC) range.

So whatever your need contact us by email or phone and we can discuss your requirements and we can provide a custom PC that will suit your specifications and budget.